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The Best Gift For Any TV Lover

[The following post is sponsored by TiVo, a company I love and am thrilled to be working with.] I’ve been lucky enough to work with TiVo for several years now, but my relationship with TiVo goes back much further than that. I remember reading a little article in a magazine – just a few sentences […]


Start Cyber Monday Right With

I spend a lot of money online. A lot. But I would spend even more if I didn’t have to pay for shipping. I thought that if a website charged for shipping, that’s was it, you had to pay it. But then I found out about, which allows me to shop without paying for […]


Back In My Day Permanent Records Weren’t Permanent

Excuse me for a moment while I tuck my walker under this table and make sure my dentures are in straight. I’m about to take you on a trip back in time, before the internet, and social media, and cell phones (and cell phone cameras). Before impulsive mistakes were able to travel the world and […]


The Subtle Racism Of Fox News’ Coverage Of Ferguson

I have a weird habit that after big, divisive events I watch Fox News. Sometimes when something like last night happens I look at what other people in my life are saying about it and wonder if we live in the same universe. And then I remember that a lot of them are only getting […]


This Post Is Not About The Word Feminism

It’s Saturday. I don’t want to be worked up about anything. Saturdays for me mean getting up early and driving my son to band practice, then making up for it by doing nothing and taking naps. It is not a day to think too hard or do too much. But early this morning I read […]


You Had ONE JOB, FedEx

You sit on a throne of lies. As I understand it, FedEx’s job is to get packages from point A to point B in a reasonable amount of time. They have failed at this SPECTACULARLY this week. I’ve had many, many packages stolen from outside of my house in the eight years that I’ve lived […]


No-Shampoo Hair Update: Two Months Later

The last time I shampooed my hair was Labor Day Weekend. I’ve always hated having to wash my hair every day or every other day, so I wanted to try something new. For the first couple of weeks post-shampoo, I washed my hair every few days with baking soda. Then I started washing it only […]


Winning The “I’m Busy” Game

  If you’ve ever asked me to do something for you, chances are I’ve told you that I’m too busy. And I hate to brag, but I am. I know you want me to volunteer for that thing, but I can’t. I need to go for a long run. I keep signing up for races […]


Giving Up Shampoo

Early last week I was hanging out with my sisters in Kansas, visiting our dad and step-mom, and we managed to stop talking about our kids for a few minutes and got on the subject of hair. My sister Cara said that she’d been washing her hair for a while with baking soda. Now, a […]

Invisalign Results

Invisalign–Video Proof Of My New Smile!

[I am a member of the Invisalign Moms Advisory Board and received complimentary Invisalign treatment.] I can’t believe that I’m basically done with Invisalign! It feels so weird not to be wearing them all day now. Take a look at how my teeth turned out, compared to a video I added in from a few […]