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Winning The “I’m Busy” Game

  If you’ve ever asked me to do something for you, chances are I’ve told you that I’m too busy. And I hate to brag, but I am. I know you want me to volunteer for that thing, but I can’t. I need to go for a long run. I keep signing up for races […]


Giving Up Shampoo

Early last week I was hanging out with my sisters in Kansas, visiting our dad and step-mom, and we managed to stop talking about our kids for a few minutes and got on the subject of hair. My sister Cara said that she’d been washing her hair for a while with baking soda. Now, a […]

Invisalign Results

Invisalign–Video Proof Of My New Smile!

[I am a member of the Invisalign Moms Advisory Board and received complimentary Invisalign treatment.] I can’t believe that I’m basically done with Invisalign! It feels so weird not to be wearing them all day now. Take a look at how my teeth turned out, compared to a video I added in from a few […]


Emmy Recap In Award-Winning GIFs*

[*I may have presented those awards to myself. Anyway…] The 2014 Emmy Awards finally got underway last night after 17 hours of red carpet shows, each more vapid than the last. It’s pretty simple: I just want to see what everyone is wearing. Maybe hear about their next project. Anything more than that gets awkward […]


And The Grossest Spoiled Food Item You’ve Ever Found In Your House Or Car is…

Yesterday I was tidying up the house a bit in anticipation of the kids coming home today from sleep away camp. Jake’s been gone for almost two weeks, Fiona for almost six. Basically I didn’t want them to know how slovenly I’d been while they were gone. I came across Jake’s NY Yankees lunchbox in […]


FitBit Update: Bracelets and Wristbands

*** UPDATE: FitBit responded (first on Twitter, which might have gotten my case moved up), and they are sending me a new wristband. *** I’ve been using my FitBit since June. I really like it. But a few weeks ago, a teeny tiny little tear appeared in the back opening of the wristband, where you […]


I tried The Latest Facebook Challenge; I Lasted Ten Minutes

Last week I read about a guy who did an experiment: For two days, he liked everything on Facebook. Stuff that was completely opposite of what he believed in, stuff that he most definitely did not like, stuff that he felt really bad about liking. It didn’t take long at all until his feed was […]

What My Kids Give Me, Besides The Obvious

I think it’s a given that my kids give me love and affection and joy and exhaustion and the occasional cold and near heart attack. All that kid-related stuff. But they also give me structure. With both of them off at camp I’m finding my life completely devoid of structure, and I don’t really like […]


My SodaStream Experiment

A couple weeks ago I decided to buy a SodaStream machine. Bed Bath & Beyond was having a sale along with a $20 mail-in rebate. Combined with a 20% off coupon I had, I decided that it was a good time to try it out. I’d seen the SodaStream at consumer tech shows and had […]

Washing Machine Mold

Look At What I Found In My Washing Machine!!!

I love my front-loading washing machine, I really do. I’ve had it for eight years and I can put anything in there, from the most delicate sweater to the biggest comforter in the house. But… The mold. It gets under the rubber gasket inside the drum. I’m usually pretty good about cleaning it out once […]