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My SodaStream Experiment

A couple weeks ago I decided to buy a SodaStream machine. Bed Bath & Beyond was having a sale along with a $20 mail-in rebate. Combined with a 20% off coupon I had, I decided that it was a good time to try it out. I’d seen the SodaStream at consumer tech shows and had […]

Look At What I Found In My Washing Machine!!!

I love my front-loading washing machine, I really do. I’ve had it for eight years and I can put anything in there, from the most delicate sweater to the biggest comforter in the house. But… The mold. It gets under the rubber gasket inside the drum. I’m usually pretty good about cleaning it out once […]

Random Thoughts At 4am

Going to bed early to catch up on sleep only works if you don’t wake up at 3am. No matter what time I get up, my cat runs to me at a breakneck speed, meowing and begging for attention. I’m not a morning person, and I always ignore her for about half an hour. And […]


Organic Food: Not Necessarily Better?

My brother-in-law posted a link to this article on Facebook today. And this follow-up. The author discusses four myths of organic farming. I knew some of this, and basically already agreed with it, but it was nice to see it all laid out in one place, and especially the detail and comparisons in the rebuttal […]


Shaking Things Up A Bit

I’m a slow runner. I usually say that with a shrug and a resigned tone of voice. On paper my running pace could be mistaken for another person’s walking pace. Since the purpose of my running is usually focused on not dying during half marathons, I’ve never ever taken the time to try to get […]


BMI Rant Part THREE!

Years ago I wrote about what happened when Jake came home from school with a letter saying that he was obese. A few days ago I wrote about it again, because this nonsense is again making news in NYC. And yesterday, my daughter came home from school with her BMI report. My daughter, who is […]


Front Hallway Redesign

Our front hallway has a habit of becoming a disaster. There’s nothing more tempting when coming home after a long day than just tossing your stuff wherever. Sure, we could make a big effort to put things away in the areas of the house where we have more space, but I learned a long time […]


I’ve always Hated Breakfast In Bed

The two special reasons why I get to be apathetic about the second Sunday in May I think Omer might have made a Mother’s Day breakfast in bed for me once or twice early on, when the kids were too young to do it themselves, but wanted me to have it. And as much as […]

Things I’ve Done That Are More Uncomfortable Than A Mammogram

Last night I found out that a 32-year-old mom and blogger named Amanda was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer. I don’t know her, but we must have encountered each other online because we follow each other on twitter. And it seems like everybody I know knows her and loves her, so she must be […]


The Red Jackets Of Carnegie Hall

Last week I went to my son Jake’s Carnegie Hall debut. I don’t have any pictures from during the performance because you’re not allowed to take pictures during the performance!!! Now, I’ve been saying things like this (casually, oh so casually) for the past few months: “Oh, sorry, I can’t – my son is playing […]