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Today’s Agenda: keeping up the momentum

So there are six days left in the DietBet blogger contest and I’m happy to say that I’ve met my goal of losing 4% of my body weight in four weeks! But, I can’t really stop trying to lose because I want a buffer for the weigh-in. I am exactly at the goal, and what […]

Today’s Agenda: thriving on the familiar

This has been the longest break for my normal routine I’ve ever had since having kids. First there was Christmas, then a week at my mom’s. Then we came back to Brooklyn and the kids went back to school, but my husband was still home on vacation, which was weird and messed up my routine […]

Today’s Agenda: return of the video diary

Originally posted on Selfish Mom. All opinions expressed on this website come straight from Amy unless otherwise noted. This post has a Compensation Level of 1 (Striiv). Please visit Amy’s Full Disclosure page for more information.

Today’s Agenda: hoarders edition

So until very recently our parlour floor looked like this: And this: And this: Believe it or not there’s a piano in that last picture. Buried under crap. So why was an entire floor of our house like that? Because it has no electricity, part of the ceiling is caving in, and it’s missing part […]

Today’s Agenda: not being on vacation edition

So I just got the kids off to school and had a little breakfast. This is when I would normally tidy the kitchen, then set myself up on my couch and hunker down to get some work done (essential supplies: Frasier and massive amounts of Diet Dr Pepper). But instead I’m fighting a huge urge […]

Today’s Agenda: the dumbest sister edition

I wish I didn’t have any appointments today. I’m still cold from locking the door behind the kids this morning. But I have to go to the office today for my initial weigh-in, and then to an electrolysis/laser hair removal appointment. It’s a shame – my hairy legs used to keep me warm. It’s […]

Today’s Agenda: Brrrrr edition

So I just spent six days in Buffalo visiting my mom and complaining about the cold, and it’s followed me back to Brooklyn. I had to move the car twice this morning and oh my, it’s freezing. The Ass is home with me for the rest of the week so we were going to go […]

Today’s agenda: stage manager edition

So today will be a little crazy. The kids’ school’s enrichment showcase is always a little, shall we say, disorganized. And I want to stress that that’s not a criticism of the people who organize it. I’ve volunteered at the school enough to know that there’s no good way to get this kind of thing […]

Today’s Agenda: where did the day go? edition

How in the world is it 1pm already? I have so much to do today and I feel like I got a lot done this morning, but it was all little stuff that had been collecting up – I have no one big thing to point to as an accomplishment. Except maybe the fridge. My […]

Today’s Agenda: “running” edition

So for the second year in a row, I will now start talking about the Disney Princess Half Marathon, and every time I say that I’m “running” it, “running” will be in quotes. Because I couldn’t run 13.1 miles if I were being chased by an ax-wielding maniac. I finished last year with the less-than-impressive […]