Fit For Forty

I have a weekly show on MomTV called Fit For Forty where I talk about my quest to be fitter and thinner as I head into my forties. Below are links to the episodes and if there are any explanations or links that go with an episode, those are there too. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Episode 4: Headgames and Half Marathons

In this episode I talk about training for the Disney Princess Half Marathon. You can read about some of my Princess Half experiences here, here, and here, and register for the race here.


Episode 3: Strategies for when you just can’t stop eating


Episode 2: exercising with the kids

In this episode I gave a hint about my weight-loss methodology: two days a week are super low-carb/low-cal. And while I’ve changed things up a little since I wrote about it last (I now to 800 calories in stead of 700, but only 40 grams of carbs), the premise is still the same. (UPDATE: I wrote about it again here, with more details about what I’m doing now.)


Episode 1: an intro





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