Giveaway Rules

Last updated: 5/3/2012

These guidelines apply to and all subdomains.

If you want to enter one of Selfish Mom’s giveaways, follow the instructions on the individual post. Anything Selfish Mom says on an individual post supersedes the rules stated on this page.

Anybody can enter Selfish Mom’s contests and giveaways. Doesn’t matter if you know her, are related to her, or just admire her as a blogging goddess. She owes this blog’s success to people who know her and are spreading the word, so it doesn’t make sense to cut them out of the good stuff.  You’ll just have to trust her that she’s being honest about how she picks the winners.

Winners chosen at random by Selfish Mom are chosen by’s sequence generator.  (Or winning numbers, if she’s got a lot of stuff to give away.) The first number in the sequence is the winner.  If the first number chosen doesn’t qualify (the commenter didn’t follow the rules, the winner does not respond to her emails, etc.) she will move on to the next number until she finds a winner.

Please make sure that you’ve signed in to the comments section with a valid email address or twitter handle, so that Selfish Mom can contact you if you win.

If a contest post specifies that you may enter once per day, that means once per calendar day, not 24-hour period.  In other words, you can enter at 11:59pm Saturday and then again at 12:01am Sunday, and then not again until Monday.

Please do not enter a bunch of times under different names and email addresses, and please do not have your spouse or child enter for you, and please do not enter once from your home computer and once from your work computer.  While there’s no foolproof way for me to police this, I do check IP addresses and whatever else I can check.  So don’t try to cheat, or you’ll be banned from all future giveaways.

Needlessly vulgar or offensive entries, or entries disparaging to my site or the product being given away, will be removed and the commenter will not be entered in the contest or giveaway. This is at Selfish Mom’s discretion. If in doubt, err on the side of caution.

You have exactly one week from the time that Selfish Mom contacts you to get back to her with delivery instructions, unless noted in the specific giveaway. After that time she will give your prize to someone else, and you will regret it, because she gives away some awesome stuff.

Selfish Mom is not responsible for anything that goes wrong after you receive your prize, although she’s happy to take credit for the things that go right.

Comments made about a product may be quoted by Selfish Mom or by anyone she gives permission to, including but not limited to the companies providing prizes to use in their advertisements.

Comments that do not follow the rules set forth in the post (answering a question, etc.) will not be approved, or will be removed. If your first comment is removed/not approved, subsequent comments (such as tweet links) may also be removed and will not be re-approved until a qualifying first comment is approved.

It is the commenter’s responsibility to make sure that his or her comments show up before the winner is chosen. While Selfish Mom makes every effort to check her site’s spam folder and email commenters whose comments have not been approved, she is not responsible for comments that do not make it to the post in time.

These rules can change at any time.

Good luck!


Tweet Instructions:

To post a link to your tweet, you first have to get to the individual twitter page for that tweet.  Do this by clicking on the words under your tweet that give the date and time of the tweet, something like “Fri Dec 10 17:29” or “5:29 PM Dec 1oth”.  That should take you to your tweet’s individual page.

Copy and paste the URL for that page into a new comment; the URL should look something like this: ““.

That’s it!