Tomorrowland: Cranky Clooney, A Spunky Heroine, And Amazing Visuals

Tomorrowland IMAX poster

Tomorrowland is good. I would stop short of calling it a great movie – the pacing is a little off in the middle, which made it seem longer than its two hour, ten minute running time  – but I  enjoyed it, and I recommend that you see it on an IMAX screen if at all possible. The visuals are just stunning. There are a few plot holes here and there, but I blame those on Damon Lindelof’s involvement with the script (yes I’m still mad about Lost.)

Tomorrowland is a magical sci-fi movie about a girl named Casey, who gets the chance to go to Tomorrowland, a futuristic place where the brightest minds are trying to do amazing things. But something has gone awry, and Casey might just be able to save the world – if she can convince a cranky George Clooney to help her….

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Delicious buffet food

Move To Eat

Two days ago I started another six-week weight loss experiment. I like doing things in short, intense bursts. It fits my personality better than long bouts of moderation. Basically, I move in order to eat. This one involves keeping track of how many calories I burn each day using my Microsoft Band, and adjusting the…

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Homemade bagels

#CarbBreak2015 Wrap-Up, And My Next Weight-Loss Scheme

I’ve been back on carbs for four days (since a little after noon on Saturday), and I’ve never been happier. The healthiest thing to do that day probably would have been to ease back in, but that’s just not my way. I made bagels so that I could break my carb fast with something extraordinary…

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