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Gifts For People Who Like The F Word

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!There are probably people in your life who work the F bomb into almost every sentence. Or perhaps you have a friend who really and truly appreciates a really well-placed F word. These gifts are for those people. Intelligent, Classy […]

Start Cyber Monday Right With

I spend a lot of money online. A lot. But I would spend even more if I didn’t have to pay for shipping. I thought that if a website charged for shipping, that’s was it, you had to pay it. But then I found out about, which allows me to shop without paying for […]

Back In My Day Permanent Records Weren’t Permanent

Excuse me for a moment while I tuck my walker under this table and make sure my dentures are in straight. I’m about to take you on a trip back in time, before the internet, and social media, and cell phones (and cell phone cameras). Before impulsive mistakes were able to travel the world and […]

The Subtle Racism Of Fox News’ Coverage Of Ferguson

I have a weird habit that after big, divisive events I watch Fox News. Sometimes when something like last night happens I look at what other people in my life are saying about it and wonder if we live in the same universe. And then I remember that a lot of them are only getting […]

Perfect Diner Home Fries

I’ve lived in the same neighborhood since 2002. That’s twelve years of going to the same diner. And I always get one of three meals: Grilled Cheese with Fries, Egg Salad Sandwich with Onion Rings, or Bagel with Cream Cheese and Home Fries. (Incidentally, time of day does not affect which one I choose.) Now […]

This Post Is Not About The Word Feminism

It’s Saturday. I don’t want to be worked up about anything. Saturdays for me mean getting up early and driving my son to band practice, then making up for it by doing nothing and taking naps. It is not a day to think too hard or do too much. But early this morning I read […]

How To Have Homemade Biscuits Every Day

Biscuits are one of the quickest, easiest homemade breads to get from ingredients to table. Nothing needs to be room temperature (in fact, the colder the better!), and the dough doesn’t need to rise before baking. However, that doesn’t mean that I want to get out measuring cups and spoons on a Wednesday morning just […]

Comparison Shop At Local Stores With Price Patrol

[The following post was sponsored by Price Patrol.] There have been so many times in the past when I’ve needed something right away – a gift for a birthday party I’d forgotten about, an item I needed for a project, or something that I just didn’t want to wait on for home delivery. If I’d […]

You Had ONE JOB, FedEx

You sit on a throne of lies. As I understand it, FedEx’s job is to get packages from point A to point B in a reasonable amount of time. They have failed at this SPECTACULARLY this week. I’ve had many, many packages stolen from outside of my house in the eight years that I’ve lived […]

10 Cool New Tech Products Available Now, Plus One Amazing One Available Next Year

Last night I attended Wine Dine & Demo, a consumer tech showcase. Also a place for tech media to get drunk and eat a lot of food – that’s the “Wine” and “Dine” part. Between the Eggplant Parmesan, cannoli, and Diet Cokes, I managed to see quite a few interesting products that are available for […]