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Brookstone Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager With Heat Review

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!I love a good massage. I’ve gotten more professional massages than I can count. When I’m done with my manicure and my nails are drying, I move over to the massage chair to be rubbed and kneaded while my nails […]

The Best Gift For Any TV Lover

[The following post is sponsored by TiVo, a company I love and am thrilled to be working with.] I’ve been lucky enough to work with TiVo for several years now, but my relationship with TiVo goes back much further than that. I remember reading a little article in a magazine – just a few sentences […]

A Take Anywhere, Water and Shock Proof Bluetooth Speaker

At this point there are so many portable Bluetooth speakers on the market that they all begin to blend together. They pretty much all have Bluetooth connectivity, rechargeable batteries, and a jack for connecting non-Bluetooth speakers. So when choosing one you have to look for extras – what makes this one special, more useful than […]

On The Steps Of The Palace

I was lucky enough to see a screening of Into The Woods last night, along with my daughter, her friend, and my friend Toni, who is as big a fan of the original musical as I am. And while I’m not allowed to post anything about it yet (they even confiscated our phones during the […]

Ion Sound Lounge: Bluetooth Speakers Disguised As Furniture

There are lots of bluetooth speakers on the market, but this is the first one I’ve been encouraged to sit on. The Ion Sound Lounge is a 2.1 speaker sound system. It looks like a foot stool and has a nice padded top, but inside there are two stereo speakers and a subwoofer. You can […]

How To Filter Deep-Fryer Oil

I love deep frying food. When the weather gets cold the ice cream maker goes away and the deep fryer comes out. French fries, donuts, battered Oreos, everything tempura. It’s all amazing. But what isn’t amazing is how expensive peanut oil is. The more food particles I can filter out of it, the longer I […]

Gifts For People Who Like The F Word

There are probably people in your life who work the F bomb into almost every sentence. Or perhaps you have a friend who really and truly appreciates a really well-placed F word. These gifts are for those people. Intelligent, Classy T-Shirt Sometimes you just have to put it on a t-shirt. Just try not to […]

Start Cyber Monday Right With

I spend a lot of money online. A lot. But I would spend even more if I didn’t have to pay for shipping. I thought that if a website charged for shipping, that’s was it, you had to pay it. But then I found out about, which allows me to shop without paying for […]

Back In My Day Permanent Records Weren’t Permanent

Excuse me for a moment while I tuck my walker under this table and make sure my dentures are in straight. I’m about to take you on a trip back in time, before the internet, and social media, and cell phones (and cell phone cameras). Before impulsive mistakes were able to travel the world and […]

The Subtle Racism Of Fox News’ Coverage Of Ferguson

I have a weird habit that after big, divisive events I watch Fox News. Sometimes when something like last night happens I look at what other people in my life are saying about it and wonder if we live in the same universe. And then I remember that a lot of them are only getting […]