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My SodaStream Experiment: The Results

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!A little over three months ago I bought a SodaStream and started a little experiment: Would I like the SodaStream drinks enough, and would it save me any money over buying cans of Diet Dr Pepper? Start-Up Costs The cost […]

Halloween 2014 By The Numbers

This was the first year since having kids that I wasn’t out trick-or-treating with them. Fiona’s best friend’s mom was nice enough to take her, and Jake went with his friends. I actually got to sit on our stoop and hand out candy, something I’ve never gotten to do before! I decorated and everything! There […]

The Amazing Things You Can Make At The MakerBot Store

The first time I’d ever heard of MakerBot was at my first Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (2009, maybe?). I stood at their booth for a really long time, transfixed by the 3D printer in front of me, producing a little toy, layer by almost-imperceptible layer. Those first 3D printers were actually DIY kits […]

Existential Cake Crisis

For years I’ve been attributing meaning to the cake and frosting my family members want me to make on their birthdays. It’s always the same: I’m ready to make something elaborate, something impressive, and they want boxed yellow cake mix with canned chocolate frosting. Every damn time. And I beg. I say, I can do […]

Black Bottom Cupcakes For Charity With Bake It Happen!

I love to bake, I really do. For me, baking is its own reward, getting to create something that I can share with other people and make them happy through food. But with the Bake It Happen campaign, my baking actually raises money – and no, I don’t have to sell the baked goods! It’s […]

Smartify Your House With PEQ

I’ve always wanted a “smart home.” I want to be able to see things and do things remotely while I’m away, or even just in another part of the house. I just set up a PEQ system in my house, and I feel like I’ve got my “smart home” started! A PEQ (pronounced “peek”) smart […]

Some Eggs Are Making Me Sick

I’ve been meaning to write about this for a long time. Someone other than me must be suffering from this and not know it. It took me months to figure out that eggs were making me sick to my stomach. Maybe I can help someone figure it out quicker than I did. About fifteen months […]

Questions About Gone With The Wind From A Ten Year Old

Fiona and I just watched the first hour of Gone With The Wind, right up until Ashley (Ashley!) goes back to the war after his Christmas leave. Fiona hasn’t watched a lot of old movies. An “old” movie to Fiona is Home Alone or Back To The Future. I knew she’d have questions. I didn’t […]

Parenting With Game Theory: Reciprocity (Or How Not To Let Things Spiral Out Of Control)

My daughter has a weird quirk that she totally got from me: She doesn’t like to let things go. Ever. She will bring something up minutes, hours, days, or years after it happened, when most everyone else in the world had forgotten about it and moved on. And since I’m just as stubborn as she […]

Where To Get Music For YouTube Videos (Without Getting In Trouble)

[I’m not a lawyer. I don’t even play one on TV. Go to an actual lawyer if you want actual legal advice.] Sometimes when I make videos I like to add some music. Sometimes for mood, sometimes just over the end credits. But YouTube is very aggressive about making sure that the music you use […]