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Parties, Events and Trips

Amy’s Interests

Things to know before pitching Amy


These guidelines are valid from June 2010 and may be changed at any time. These guidelines apply to and all subdomains.

Advertising (AKA “Amy”) accepts various forms of advertising, including sidebar advertisements, text ads, in-post banners, sponsored posts and tweets (which will be identified as such), conference sponsorships, and twitter background ads.

Ads accepts ads in the top of the right sidebar, as well as in-post banner ads.  Sizes can be tailored to the advertiser’s needs.  Please contact for rates for custom sizes or placements, or click on the “Advertise Here” links in the area that you want to advertise in.

Sponsored Posts

If you would like to guarantee that Amy talks about your product or service, you may sponsor a post.  Sponsored posts will be clearly marked as such, and anything within the post that was not written by Amy will be clearly marked.

Please note that for Amy to accept a sponsored post for, the subject has to be one of interest to Amy and appropriate for  The only differences between a regular post and a sponsored post are 1) sponsoring a post may prompt Amy to write about a subject or product she might not have found the time to write about otherwise, and 2) Amy will give the sponsor a look at the post to ensure accuracy before it is published.

Amy will not, under any circumstances, publish someone else’s opinion on masked as her own.  If Amy does not feel that she can write truthfully and enthusiastically about a product in a way that will be worthwhile for the sponsor, she will make this clear before anything is written or payment is made.

Please contact for rates.



Sponsored tweets follow the same general guidelines as sponsored posts with regard to interest, appropriateness, and honesty.  They would be marked with “(sp)” and could be scheduled as you like.  With roughly 4,500 organic twitter followers this is an easy and affordable advertising option that will reach the largest number of people.

Advertising space is also available on Amy’s twitter page.

Please contact for rates.

Sponsorships is actively seeking sponsorships for conferences and get-togethers.  These sponsorships can be tailored to the sponsor’s needs, and can include campaigns at the sponsored events, sponsored posts and tweets, and ads.

Please contact Selfish Mom at for more information.



Amy reviews and gives away a wide range of products and services.   You can see an example of a typical service review here, a typical product review here, and a typical giveaway here.


Amy generally does not send back review items, unless an agreement has been made before the item has been sent to her.  If she continues to use an item after the initial review, there may be a follow-up review.

Amy does not review all of the products sent to her.  Sending her a product does not guarantee a review or mention, unless agreed upon beforehand.  If Amy does choose to review a product, the review will be Amy’s honest opinion, positive or not.  Amy has no interest in trashing or embarrassing products or companies, and will strive to take into account the product or service’s target audience and other factors before posting a negative review.  If there is something wrong or irregular about the product, Amy will give the company a chance to make things right before posting a review.

If you would like Amy to consider an item for review, please email her at for her address.


If you would like Amy to give away an item, please email her at to work out the details, including administrative fees.  Amy generally does not give away items worth less than $50, unless paired with other items.  Please DO NOT send the giveaway item to Amy – Amy will contact you with the winner’s information and you will be responsible for sending the item to the winner.

Parties, Events, and Trips


Amy is happy to attend events and retreats showcasing products and services, as her interests and schedule will allow.  Please send invitations to

Please note that for local events Amy prefers daytime events to evening ones, and prefers quieter events centered around product demonstrations to social gatherings.  Providing transportation to and from local events and expenses for childcare will make it much more likely that Amy will accept your invitation, particularly for evening events.

For out-of-town events, please note that in addition to the commonly-covered travel expenses, Amy will usually require that her home-city travel expenses (to and from airport) and childcare be covered.  While Amy is happy to be “paid’ in editorial content and unique experiences on these trips, she is not able to incur any significant out-of-pocket costs in order to attend.

Amy’s Interests

While Amy has a wide range of interests and might write about anything that strikes her fancy on a particular day, she is most likely to write about products and services in the following areas:

  • Computers (PCs)
  • Windows Software
  • Android phones and apps
  • WP7 phones and apps
  • Photo and video editing
  • Home entertainment
  • Home organization
  • Travel
  • Online shopping
  • Family-oriented gaming
  • Gadgets
  • Cooking and baking
  • Exercise
  • Weight loss
  • TV
  • Hair removal


Amy generally does not write about the following products:

  • Apple products
  • iPhone apps
  • Sports
  • Baby products

Things to know before pitching Amy:

    • She’s a vegetarian, but her family is not
    • She’s an atheist, but sings in a church choir and celebrates many different holidays
    • She is not the fastest blogger in the world, so if you’re on a tight deadline she’s probably not the blogger for you (unless it is a paid opportunity).  However, by the time Amy writes about a product or service, it has likely worked its way into her daily life and she can speak about it knowledgeably – worth the wait!
    • She is not an overly-sincere, feel-good kind of blogger.  Please keep this in mind if your company has strict standards about swearing, sarcasm, and the like
    • Please understand that while you may think that your request is simple and easy and not a big deal, yours is not the only request that Amy will get that day, or even that hour.  Therefore, Amy simply has to restrict her writing to subjects that interest her, even with paid opportunities.  It is not necessarily a reflection on your product
    • Amy charges to run giveaways. Occassionally she will accept product as payment (if the product is worth a certain amount and it is something she would have spent her own money on anyway), but more often than not cold hard cash is required. Please do not try to argue that other bloggers do this for free. Running giveaways takes time and Amy doesn’t think those bloggers are very smart


While Amy strives to answer every (non-mass-mailed) email, with hundreds of inquiries a week she simply can not.

Please send requests and inquiries to



These are guidelines only.  If you have a special proposal please contact Amy.

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