A few of these are mine, most are not. But I’ve made them all and go back to them again and again.


Fresh Mozzarella in Tomato Cups – A little labor-intensive, but so cute and great for parties.

Zucchini Parmesan Hummus – The first recipe I ever made from Jennifer Perillo’s website.


Biscuits – My favorite biscuit recipe. To get them perfect, flour your cutter between biscuits, make sure it is sharp (no glasses or jars; these are the ones I use), and press straight down – no twisting.

Hamburger Potato Buns – The best burger buns ever. Use this pan and they’re even better.

P.J.’s Cinnamon Swirl Bread – I’d suggest doubling or tripling the cinnamon-sugar filling, or you’ll be asking “Where’s the cinnamon?” But other than that, a really good recipe.

Sour Cream & Chive Potato Bread – Warm out of the oven with some butter, this is the bread version of heaven.

Zucchini Bread – Moist and tasty. Although putting in the dried fruit would be an abomination.

Deep Fried

Hushpuppies – My absolute favorite hushpuppies recipe.

Soups and Salads

Bobby Flay’s Egg Salad – He made this especially for me once. Although I think I pissed him off in the process.

Disney Cruise Line’s Tomato Basil Soup – I had this on a Disney Cruise and had to track down the recipe.

Zucchini Potato & Parmesan Soup – This is not a cream-based soup. It won’t weigh you down or sit in your stomach.

Sides & Vegetable Dishes

Butternut Squash with Chickpeas and Couscous – For me, this is a main course. For my husband, a side dish. But we both agree that it’s tasty, and gets even better after a night in the fridge (so I always make extra).

Mashed Potato Bake – I adore this recipe. It’s so simple, so rich, and so addictive. I only make it a few times a year because I can’t stop eating it until it’s gone.

Zucchini Pancakes – I really love these, and they’re quick to whip up.

Zucchini Quiche – Technically, I think this would need a bottom crust to be a quiche. But not having to make a crust is what makes this recipe so quick, and the Bisquick in the recipe makes a little bit of a crust on the bottom – just enough to make you not miss it.


Date Night Mac & Cheese – From my friend Jennifer Perillo, who would make this for her kids before heading out on a date with her husband. You can make this in almost the same amount of time it takes to make the boxed stuff.

Greek Pasta – I whip this up whenever I have baby spinach around. It’s a great lunch when I’m home alone, because it’s so easy. I also use the filling in omelets.

Martha Stewart’s Perfect Mac & Cheese – Don’t bother with making the flavored breadcrumbs, just leave them off – it’s an extra step and doesn’t really add anything to the dish.

Pierogi – These are fun to make, and you can play around with the fillings. For their potato filling, I double the onion and add a bunch of shredded cheddar cheese.


Bean Taco Pizza – I keep homemade pizza crusts in the freezer, but you could also make this with pita bread or flat bread. It’s my own healthier take on my favorite pizza from California Pizza Kitchen, the Tostada Pizza.

Spinach Pesto Pizza – My absolute favorite non-traditional pizza. The best part? It tastes SO much better with canned and frozen ingredients, making it super easy. (This recipe was from a time when we barely had a kitchen, hence the canned pizza dough. If you can manage it, it’s a million times better with fresh dough.)

Spinach Pizza – As with the Spinach Pesto Pizza, I don’t make it this way anymore – use a fresh crust, trust me.


Icing – I use this icing on cinnamon buns, doughnuts, and more.

My Best Chocolate Chip Cookies – This is my friend Jennifer Perillo’s recipe, and it is hands down my favorite cookie recipe of all time. I try to always keep some balls of dough in the freezer so that I can bake up a few of these whenever I want, but my family eats them frozen almost as fast as I can make them!









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