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Black Bottom Cupcakes For Charity With Bake It Happen!

I love to bake, I really do. For me, baking is its own reward, getting to create something that I can share with other people and make them happy through food. But with the Bake It Happen campaign, my baking actually raises money – and no, I don’t have to sell the baked goods! It’s […]


Win A Hershey’s Syrup Sundae Prize Pack!

[The following post is sponsored by Hershey’s] A few months ago some new people moved in next door, and they have a fire pit. I’m totally jealous of their fire pit, mostly because I love s’mores! They’re the best part of camping. In fact, pretty much the only part of camping that I actually like. […]

Easter Baking With Hershey – And A Chocolate Giveaway!

[This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to winner Michelle J., #11, and thanks to all who entered.] [This post is sponsored. I received product from HERSHEY’S and payment from Global Influence in exchange for writing this post.] Easter for me is all about the candy. When I was little my grandmother would hide Easter baskets […]

Most Of You Are Using Cupcake Liners Wrong

The other day my friend Shannan posted this revelation on Facebook: “So all my life, I have been leaving the paper liners inside the foil cupcake wrappers when I bake. Guess what, y’all? YOU AREN’T SUPPOSED TO!” I chuckled to myself. Of course you’re supposed to remove them. It says so right there on the […]

My Easy White Sandwich Bread Recipe, Without The Hard Ingredients

A couple weeks ago I posted my own easy recipe for white bread. And I stand by it: it’s incredibly easy to assemble and bake. However, the difficulty was in two ingredients that non-bakers might not have on hand: instant yeast, and baker’s dry milk. I say, buy those ingredients. They’ll be very useful in […]

Baking Beginner Sandwich Bread

  [A few readers have suggested that the recipe would be even easier if it didn't use a couple of ingredients that non-bakers would never have on hand; I've revised the recipe to use more common ingredients, while still keeping it as easy as possible!] I love fresh bread. I love the smell, I love […]

My Kids Eat Homemade Bread–What’s Your Excuse?

Last night my husband asked me what I thought about the “hot mom controversy.” I stared at him blankly. And after lording it over me for a few minutes that he knew about something that happened online before I did, he told me about Maria Kang, who put a picture up on her Facebook page […]

Please Help Bake It Happen For Breast Cancer Research!

My friend Shari, from the great food blog My Judy The Foodie, lost her mother to breast cancer. Her mother is Judy, and the blog is Shari’s way of getting to know her mother even better through her recipes. One of these recipes is Judy’s Banana Chocolate Chip Loaf. It’s a rich, moist banana bread […]

Cookie Therapy

So I tend to beat myself up when I think I’m not doing something well for reasons that were preventable. If I’m just not good at something that’s fine, I can live with that. But if I rushed or took a shortcut or did something I had a feeling wasn’t the right thing to do? […]

Happy Birthday To Me, Continued…

I turned forty a few months ago. I handled it with my usual grace. In other words, I was a mess. But then I was fine. My friends helped me through it with fun and cheese, and then it was over. Only, it wasn’t. Today, months later, is my gift from my husband. He gave […]