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Laptop advice & more from Ben the PC Guy

The Blogging Angels – Rebecca, Nancy, Heidi, and I – have been plugging along for nine podcasts now, tackling everything from conferences and swag to advertising and rude commenters.  I would have been happy with our little project if it simply gave me an excuse to talk more while hanging out with friends, but it’s growing into something much bigger than the four of us.  And I still get to talk more and hang out with friends. :-)

I’m very excited that for our ninth Blogging Angels podcast, we had our first guests: Ben “The PC Guy” Rudolph, and Lisa Worthington.  Both work for one of my favorite companies, Microsoft, and had some fantastic advice, including great laptops and netbooks for bloggers, how to work with brands, and how to balance how much you share from your home life on your professional blog.  I’d love it if you take a listen!  And if you have any ideas for future podcasts, please leave a comment and we’ll definitely consider it (and give you a shout out if we end up doing it).

The Blogging Angels’ ninth podcast: We are so PC!

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