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On Neediness And Fulfillment And Doing Things For The Wrong Reasons

Every year around this time, a segment of the blogging population loses its collective mind over invitations to the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration, a conference of sorts in Disney World (once in Disneyland) that includes really nice accommodations, park tickets, lots of food and family events, tons of special treatment and insider access, and […]


One Million Dollars

I posted this screenshot on Facebook today with the caption “Seriously, fuck off.” And you might be confused. On its face, the email looks innocuous. It’s polite, he calls me by my correct name, it’s concise. It even implies that there is money involved, and I’m always screaming about how I don’t work for free. […]


How To Stay Out Of YouTube Copyright School

I like to think of myself as a rule follower, so I was mortified last week when YouTube sent me to Copyright School. What? Me? Getting a “strike” against my account for uploading material that belonged to someone else without their permission? And now I was a step closer to losing my YouTube account that […]


Embrace Your Entitlement

Go to Merriam-Webster online and look up entitlement, and the second definition you’ll see is this one: When I first started blogging it never would have occurred to me to act entitled about anything. I’d started blogging for fun, and as a way to express myself without cornering people at parties until they faked heart […]

A Picture Of Hugh Jackman, Just Because I Can

  If you’re a blogger, you’ve probably written about some kind of pop-culture news at some point and wanted a picture to go with it. If you had a big-ass lens, time to sit outside of a hotel in Hollywood, and no sense of shame, you could get your own picture. If you had a […]

So You Want To Start A Blog

At least once a week someone tells me they want to start a blog. Five years ago I would have excitedly invited them over for coffee and walked them through it. At some point my enthusiasm gave way to just giving interested people links to sites that might help them, and wishing them luck. But […]

The Day All Of My Blog Posts Disappeared

[This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for supporting my site.] One day my friend Marinka kindly told me that something weird was going on with my blog: All of my posts were gone. All of them. My site was still up, but there were no posts. Huh. I did what I could to solve […]

An Update To My Last Post

I just wanted to give you an update to this post. In a nutshell, I was very aggravated that the subject line of an email claimed to be offering a paid opportunity for bloggers, but after a couple of clicks I discovered it was actually only a paid opportunity for the ten bloggers who reached […]

When A Good Writing Opportunity Is Anything But

Last week I participated in an excellent Brand to Blogger chat on Twitter hosted by Type A Parent. The theme was how to get on marketers’ radar. After blogging here for six years, sometimes I want to get OFF of marketers’ radar, because the number of emails I have to dig through to find the […]

How To Use Email Correctly, Because BCC Is Not New

I would like to state up front that by posting this, I have doomed myself to making some kind of horrible, embarrassing email mistake in the near future, because karma is a raging bitch with PMS. Now that that’s taken care of… I’m guessing that most of you know how to use email. You know […]