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Charity Begins At Home – Especially When There Are Brownies

Fiona has been bugging me since she got back from camp to have a stoop sale. She wanted to sell a bunch of her toys and clothes and give the money to charity. She spent all day yesterday gathering her things and putting price tags on them. I made brownies and lemonade, donating the supplies […]

Some Fantastic Finds At Getting Gorgeous

Today I had the pleasure of attending Getting Gorgeous, a fantastic event put on by my friends Audrey and Vera. It’s a place where bloggers can meet with brands large and small and discover new products. I found some new favorites that I’m thrilled to share with you. I had a long conversation with the […]

Brooklyn, Baseball, and Racism: My Unintentionally Sheltered Children

One of the reasons I love my Brooklyn neighborhood is the diversity. No, I don’t love the occasional shootings, I don’t love the graffiti, I don’t love the garbage. But I love my neighbors. I love my kids’ classmates. I love the playgrounds. I love the feeling. From the time my kids were tiny, they […]

I Did Not Move To Brooklyn For The Wildlife

About five years ago some young raccoons tried to get into our house, every morning at 2am, for about two weeks. They would squeeze between our bedroom window and the security bars and scratch on the glass, waking us up (although by the second week, I wasn’t really sleeping). They would make a ton of […]

A Mystery On My Stoop

We live in the kind of neighborhood where you often wake up to find cigarette butts on your stoop, beer bottles, maybe some candy wrappers. But what I found this morning was much more than a few stray pieces of garbage: Sigh. Honestly, if this had happened yesterday I would have just told my husband […]

A few glitches with the commute, and the importance of remaining calm and Rational

So on Friday I wrote a post about how, even though it will be stressful for me (I’m a born worrier), it’s important that Jake gets himself to middle school each day. Thousands – hundreds of thousands? – of NYC kids do it, he’ll be fine. Right? I said in the post that I knew […]

Win a taste of Brooklyn–a great gift for any occasion!

This giveaway has closed. Congratulations to the winner, Jodi F. I love it when someone I know starts something great! My friend Dara started a company called With Love from Brooklyn that curates items and collections from Brooklyn artisans, so that you can have the best our borough has to offer shipped right to you […]

I sort-of can’t believe this is my house

When I last wrote about my house we had finally, after five years, started renovating the last unused floor, the second floor (or, in Brooklyn brownstone parlance, the parlour floor). And by “we” I mean “the people we hired,” lest you get the mistaken impression that we can do anything more complicated than hanging up […]

The “face” of winter

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Halloween craziness

So to say my neighborhood gets into the Halloween spirit would be a bit of an understatement. It goes crazy. There are several streets that get closed down. There are live shows. There are insane numbers of people. It’s quite impressive. We actually live on the outskirts of the neighborhood now, where there aren’t as […]