The sights and smells of Cape May


The first thing I noticed when I got off of our bus in Cape May earlier this month was the smell. Clean. Ocean-y. Clean. (Sorry, I live in NYC – I have to mention the clean smell twice.) Even when you’re in town a few blocks from the waterfront you can still smell it. I…

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The rich history of Congress Hall


“Rich history” could refer to either Congress Hall itself, or the man now running it. The Big House The original building, called simply “The Big House” was built in 1816 by Thomas Hughes. When Hughes was elected to congress twelve years later the summer boarding house became known as Congress Hall. It burned to the…

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The drool-worthy food of Cape May


As a vegetarian I’m used to compromising a little bit on blogger trips. I genuinely enjoy side dishes, usually more than whatever special vegetarian concoction is whipped up in my honor. So I try to stay quiet about it, and am always happy if I have more than one main dish to choose from on…

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