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Today’s Agenda: forgot to bake edition

So I’m heading to Buffalo with the kids later today. It occurred to me about five minutes ago that when my mom donated to my charity bake sale I mentioned that I would bring her baked goods when I came to visit. Which I then promptly forgot about. I totally could’ve whipped out some sourdough this morning if I’d realized all this and left some starter out last night. I may try to throw something else in the oven before I leave. So pissed at myself!


I’m bringing a few product samples I recently received with me on my toad trip today, all of them having to do with my cell phone. Can’t wait to try them out and report back.

The first is a bluetooth speakerphone from Motorola, The Roadster. It connected to my phone in about 5 seconds with zero issues. I’ll be putting it on my visor and testing it out. I already made a couple of easy calls by pressing a button and saying “Call XXX” – it worked beautifully. Another cool feature? A built-in FM radio.


The second is a universal cell phone holder called, appropriately enough, the EZ Cell Holder, and its cousin the Cell Handle. I’ll be attaching the holder to my dashboard so that I can more easily see my phone when using the GPS directions on my trip. And the handle – which lets you hold your phone securely with one finger – will come in very handy now that I’ve dropped my phone enough times that the case I bought for it broke.


The third is the Loksak. It looks like a plastic zipper bag, but it’s much much stronger, with a completely waterproof seal. It’s available in a bunch of sizes, included iPad size. I’ll be throwing my phone into this when I take my kids to the hotel pool – that way I won’t have to worry about it getting splashed. And the best part? I just tried it out, and I can totally use my phone while it’s in the case.



I’ve posted the last part of my Cape May/Congress Hall reviews, and today the travel-themed posts continue with an introduction to St. Thomas. We packed so many activities into a little more than a week on the island I had to stretch it all out over a week’s worth of posts!


Can’t wait to see my family! Just about everyone will be there, but the few who won’t be will be sadly missed.


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