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Black Bottom Cupcakes For Charity With Bake It Happen!

I love to bake, I really do. For me, baking is its own reward, getting to create something that I can share with other people and make them happy through food. But with the Bake It Happen campaign, my baking actually raises money – and no, I don’t have to sell the baked goods! It’s […]


A charity Walk That Won’t Give You Blisters

[The following post was sponsored by the Light The Night Campaign.] If you know me you know that I participate in a lot of walks and runs. Sometimes for charity, sometimes for a medal, sometimes just for the satisfaction I get from crossing a finish line. While I like challenging myself, I do realize that […]

Charity Begins At Home – Especially When There Are Brownies

Fiona has been bugging me since she got back from camp to have a stoop sale. She wanted to sell a bunch of her toys and clothes and give the money to charity. She spent all day yesterday gathering her things and putting price tags on them. I made brownies and lemonade, donating the supplies […]

Walking The MoonWalkNYC Marathon

Saturday night I did something unbelievable (as in I still don’t believe I did it): I walked a marathon. 26.2 miles. I did it to raise money for a great charity, but I also did it to prove that I could. This was the first ever MoonWalkNYC Marathon. (My registration fee was covered thanks to a […]

A Community Garden, In Every Sense Of The Word

[The following post was commissioned by Scotts Miracle-Gro] A few days ago the kids and I headed into the city to visit a community garden that has benefited from the Scotts Miracle-Gro Gro1000 program, a community outreach initiative that provides grants to community gardens. This particular garden is on the roof of Metro Baptist Church, […]

Walking The Walk For A Good Cause–In My Bra!

[The following post was commissioned by One2One Network and Walk The Walk, and contains referral links.] There are a few things I never thought I’d do in my life. For example, I never thought I’d ever set out to walk a marathon on purpose. I figured if I ever walked a marathon it would be […] Makes Online Fundraising easy!

[The following post was commissioned by] If you’ve ever been in charge of a fundraiser, you know how much time gets sucked up with logistics. Where online will you post the info? How will you take donations? How will you issue tickets for events? The list goes on and on. I used to head […]

Posting from my bathroom for charity

So I’m sitting in my bathroom writing this post. No, I’m not doing that, I’m waiting for my hair dye to penetrate my gray hairs and dark roots. What would make me dye my hair on a Tuesday when I have so many other things I should be doing? The RBaby Foundation. I first heard […]

Today’s Agenda: working from bed edition

So I’m in bed at 11:45am, with my laptop, but I’m not sick. I’m even showered and dressed, since I was helping to sell some stuff at an open house at my kids’ school this morning and didn’t want to scare people away. But the earlier parts of this week nearly killed me, so today […]

The F Word

I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t paid a ton of attention to what’s happening in Africa. And that’s what the group ONE is trying to change. They know that nothing can really happen for the better as long as people who are comfortable remain apathetic to the famine happening halfway across the […]