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Holiday Cleaning With The Swiffer SteamBoost

This holiday cleaning tips post is brought to you by Swiffer® as part of a Type-A  Parent Community Sponsored Post.

I’ve always found holidays to be a great time to take stock of how my house is doing and get things in order. There’s always some extra chaos and mess anyway (pine needles, etc.) so starting with things clean is important. For example, my weird brain won’t let me bake Christmas cookies in the kitchen if the living room is a mess. So before I started my annual days-long cookie baking frenzy, I took an entire day to clean the whole downstairs.

My best cleaning tip for holidays (or any time, really) is to start at the top. First I got rid of cobwebs and dusted the tops of shelves and windows and other hard-to-reach places. Then I dusted pictures and TVs and lower shelves. As I encountered things that were out of place I put them all in a box instead of stopping my cleaning to put them away – that saved a lot of time (yes, the box is still there, hidden behind a shelf…why do you ask?). And finally, I vacuumed and swept and mopped the floors. That way, nothing fell on to something that had already been cleaned.

Selfish Mom cleaning with the Swiffer SteamBoost Mop

Pictorial proof from my husband that I do indeed clean, from time to time.

The floors on my first floor are kind-of a nightmare to keep clean. Our entryway is made out of some kind of sandy substance that is slowly disintegrating, and all of that dirty sandy gunk gets tracked into the house and ground into the floors.

I’ll never forget this one time a few years ago when we had a big holiday party. I thought I’d been keeping the floors fairly clean, but then my friend showed me his toddler son’s socks – they were black on the bottom. He wasn’t trying to be mean, he thought it was funny. But I was mortified.

Since then I’ve tried to do a better job, and I welcome any product or tool that will help. I was excited to try the SteamBoost Steam Mop from Swiffer and Bissell. It looks kind-of like the Swiffer WetJet, except it has a cord. And instead of having to put in a container of cleaning solution, you just fill it with regular tap water.

The mop was super easy to set up – it took me about two minutes to unpack it, attach the handle, put on a special cleaning pad, and fill the water reservoir. I plugged it in, and about 30 seconds later a light lit up to let me know that it was ready to use.

Selfish Mom cleaning with the Swiffer SteamBoost Mop

Mopping was very easy. I did my kitchen first, and was thrilled to see that the cleaning solution on the pad didn’t leave streaks (everything shows up on that floor). It was just as good looking on my wood floors. I was able to do my entire downstairs before running out of steam. Tip: put the cord over the little hook on the mop’s handle, and it will stay out of your way.

Selfish Mom showing the dirt picked up with the Swiffer SteamBoost Mop

I had just mopped the day before Christmas, but the steam got up a lot of gunk. This will definitely be getting a lot of use.

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