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How To Clean Removable Waffle And Grill Plates

One of the reasons why I chose my awesome waffle iron and incredible grill/griddle combo is that they both came with removable, dishwasher-safe plates. I imagined how easy they would be to clean. But even my powerful dishwasher was no match for the burnt on, sticky messes that I routinely make of those plates. When […]


Giving Up Shampoo

Early last week I was hanging out with my sisters in Kansas, visiting our dad and step-mom, and we managed to stop talking about our kids for a few minutes and got on the subject of hair. My sister Cara said that she’d been washing her hair for a while with baking soda. Now, a […]

Washing Machine Mold

Look At What I Found In My Washing Machine!!!

I love my front-loading washing machine, I really do. I’ve had it for eight years and I can put anything in there, from the most delicate sweater to the biggest comforter in the house. But… The mold. It gets under the rubber gasket inside the drum. I’m usually pretty good about cleaning it out once […]

Holiday Cleaning With The Swiffer SteamBoost

This holiday cleaning tips post is brought to you by Swiffer® as part of a Type-A  Parent Community Sponsored Post. I’ve always found holidays to be a great time to take stock of how my house is doing and get things in order. There’s always some extra chaos and mess anyway (pine needles, etc.) so […]

How To Almost Win A Dumb Fight With Your Spouse

My husband and I don’t have “smart” fights. In fact, I’m pretty sure a marriage counselor could follow us around for a month and have enough material for an entire book on how not to fight with your spouse. We never fight over anything important or consequential. We fight about stupid, sitcom-type shit. Like the […]

Dust in my eyes…and throat

My entire house is coated in a layer of dust – super thick on the bottom two floors, thinner but still gross on the top two. And this dust is different than the dust that’s usually present due to my lackluster housekeeping skills. No, this is construction dust, from a week of renovation work on […]

Today’s Agenda: where did the day go? edition

How in the world is it 1pm already? I have so much to do today and I feel like I got a lot done this morning, but it was all little stuff that had been collecting up – I have no one big thing to point to as an accomplishment. Except maybe the fridge. My […]

Today’s Agenda: 3rd try edition

I have gotten SO much done in the past two days. Unfortunately none of it was on this blog. Grr… I get sucked into projects. I am now completely caught up on my invoicing, my project follow-ups, and I’m actually getting there on laundry. The kitchen is clean. I even showered every day this week. […]

Today’s Agenda: not eating cake pops edition

So over the weekend Fiona & I tried our hands at making cake pops. It was a smashing success. Literally. I let her do all the cake smashing by hand. Actually, I let her do everything. So they tasted fantastic, but didn’t look as good as they could have (even though she did an awesome […]

My two Sundays, or how I flooded my moldy bathroom

So yesterday was kind of split down the middle in terms of how I like to spend a Sunday. I had nowhere to go, nothing I absolutely had to do, and my husband took the kids to Coney Island right after lunch, leaving me with an empty house. I popped a bag of popcorn, grabbed […]