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Hands-On Impressions Of The Surface Pro 3

[The following post is sponsored by Microsoft] Last night I went to a Microsoft Store to play with the Surface Pro 3. I have some Surface experience – I own the 1st generation Surface RT. But they’re barely related. The Surface Pro 3 I used last night was basically a powerful laptop in the body […]

Hax Attacks: Learn Online Security While Gaming

[The following post was commissioned by Cyber Griffin.] This summer my eleven-year-old son, Jake, learned a hard online lesson. There’s a block building game that he’s been playing for two or three years, building up virtual coins. He had a lot of coins. But one morning I found him near tears, staring at his laptop. […]

Computer buying advice: how to get what you need without wasting money

A couple months ago I was at The Russian Tea Room, attending an event held by Intel about online etiquette.  Afterward I struck up a conversation with Alison Wesley, an Intel employee in Media Relations I had first met over the summer in Chicago when I won a Dell Mini from Heather Spohr and Intel.  […]