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Randomosity: fainting workers, commas, & Brad Pitt

Normally I don’t go for do-it-yourself crafty stuff, but these homemade sandwich and snack containers are actually pretty cool.

Turn A Milk Jug Into A Sandwich Box


Not a week goes by that I don’t order something from (Amazon Prime shipping just makes it too easy). But I don’t like thinking that workers are passing out trying to get my products to me. Shame on Amazon for letting conditions in their shipping centers get so bad!

Amazon Realizes Fainting Workers Are Not Effective Employees, Installs Air Conditioners At Warehouses


So IKEA has launched a new section in their Australian stores called, naturally, Mänland. You can drop your husband off to play video games, watch sports, and eat free hot dogs while you shop. You even get a little buzzer, just like when you drop your child off in their playspace.

My only problem with this? You can only drop them off for 30 minutes. You can’t even get to the section you need in IKEA in 30 minutes. How about two hours?

Ikea Debuts Mänland, a Daycare for Men While Women Shop


I’ve always hated #FollowFriday on Twitter. For the uninitiated, that’s when people on Twitter recommend other people they think their followers should be following. I think it’s only useful when you recommend one person at a time and give a reason why, but the vast majority of people who participate just tweet out a bunch of names – no context, no reasons. I’ve always thought it was a pretty useless way of recommending someone.

Plus, I suspect a lot of people just do it in a bid to get their own followers – a lot of the time they’re recommending me without even following me themselves!

Now there’s a site that has confirmed what I always suspected: #FollowFriday is useless. According to, even though I was recommended by sixteen people this past Friday, I gained zero new followers from it.



I only tend to complain when people make really egregious grammatical errors, like mixing up you’re and your or their and there. And why is it that half of the people trying to lose weight insist that they want to loose weight?

But I would never call anyone out for misuse of whom, or using their instead of his or her. Sometimes it just sounds pretentious to speak correctly.

I do, however, like to think that I at least know what the rules are, so I was very disappointed to learn that I’m using commas wrong. Often. In fact, I’m probably doing it right now in this sentence. The problem is, I like to write the way I talk. I take lots of pauses so I insert them when I write too. But it’s always good to know the rules before you break them, so you should check out 10 Completely Wrong Ways To Use Commas.


And last but definitely not least, from my friend @AndrewRossi:


You can find the list here. Bon appetit!

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