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My sit down with some “Little Fockers”

I had the opportunity recently to sit down with some cast members from the new movie Little Fockers, which opens on December 22nd.  There are worse ways to spend a Sunday than at the Ritz Carlton with some other bloggers, talking to an actress I’ve admired for decades (Blythe Danner), a red hot super gorgeous star (Jessica Alba), and a couple of very talented child actors who were hilarious to interview together (Daisy Tahan and Colin Baiocchi).

Samantha (DAISY TAHAN) and Henry Focker (COLIN BAIOCCHI) at a family dinner in the third installment of the blockbuster series--?Little Fockers?.  First up were the kids, Daisy (nine) and Colin (eight).  In Little Fockers they play, well, the little Fockers – the young twins of Greg and Pam Focker (played by Ben Stiller and Teri Polo).  They had a very interesting dynamic in the interview: Colin would race to answer every question first and longest, while Daisy would hold her hand over her mouth in mock (at least I think it was mock) embarrassment and patiently wait her turn.  Her answers were as poised and well thought out as his were energetic and stream-of-consciousness.

I started out asking the kids what their favorite part of being in movies was.  Colin loved the stunts – getting to hang in a harness and pretend to fall.  But Daisy, she was on the same page as me:

“There’s this thing called Crafties on set, and there are these big tables with snacks all over them. And every time you’re on a different movie, there are different snacks on the table.”

See, that Daisy, she and I could make a movie together.  Of course, they’d have to drag the two of us away from the craft services table, kicking and screaming.

Both kids said that their favorite person to work with in the movie was Teri Polo, who plays their mom.  Apparently, she does a spot-on imitation of Elmo – so exact that Colin called it “creepy.”  It sounds like they generally had a great time working on the film, especially when filming the big birthday party scene – they got to play on all of the different rides and attractions brought in for the over-the-top party, including a giant ball pit and a bouncy house.

I asked them if there’s anything about working on movies and TV shows that they don’t like, and they both said that there was nothing.  After much pressing, I got them to admit that sometimes they don’t enjoy doing the same thing over and over and over again, but that’s it – they love what they do.  They even claim to like doing press!

I do worry about kids who have careers at such young ages, because there are so many train wreck stories out there.  But I just didn’t get that vibe from these two.  Daisy happily talked about her pets (she has a bunny, a hamster, and a dog).  They both spoke enthusiastically about school.  Colin likes history, and reading fantasy chapter books, like Harry Potter; Daisy likes reading books about talking animals, and used to be on her school’s student council.  And when asked what other kids who want to be actors should do, they both gave answers that made me feel like they’ve got good heads on their little shoulders.  Daisy said that you should always be nice to people on the set, and Colin said you should always do your best.  Good advice no matter what you want to do in life.


Next up will be Jessica Alba!

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