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My Alter Ego Gets Up Close And Personal With Some Hot Actors

So I have this other website, Filming In Brooklyn, which chronicles TV shows, movies, commercials, and various and sundry other productions that are filming in the great, picturesque, totally filmable borough of Brooklyn. Last night I went out to watch some scenes being shot for the FX drama Rescue Me, which stars one of my favorite comedians and fellow Irish asshole Denis Leary (any Daily Show fans out there?).

Since this shoot was at night, there weren’t any fans standing around gawking, so I got to hang out and take pictures and was pretty much left alone. I wandered over to the the craft services table where series star Mike Lombardi was hanging out, and started chatting up a really nice crew member. I asked him if he thought Mr. Lombardi would mind me asking him for a picture, and he was like “Hey Mikey, this lady wants a picture witcha! Get over here!”

Now, on my Filming In Brooklyn website I hadn’t planned on appearing in any pictures. The site isn’t about seeing me with actors, it’s about the shoots going on in my neighborhood and elsewhere. I’d like someday for that site to grow into one where other people submit pictures of shoots that they come across, and I have no desire for the site to become wrapped up in my personality or personal life (that’s what this site is for!). So I held up my camera to take a nice close-up of Mr. Lombardi, and the crew guy said “You wanna be in it with him, right?” I was totally caught off guard. I actually didn’t want to be in it with him. If I were him, I think I’d be really annoyed at a stranger asking “Hey, you don’t know me, and you’ll probably never see me again, but could you please put your arm around me and act like we’re old buddies?” Of course he was very gracious about it, and I didn’t want to be rude, so I got in the picture. But you can see in my face that I was a bit uncomfortable.

A few seconds later, Daniel Sunjata walked by, and my new best bud the crew guy was like “Hey Daniel, come over here, take a picture with this lady. You want a picture with him, right?” Now if anybody (besides my husband, of course) is going to have his arm around me, Daniel Sunjata is not a bad choice. And by that I mean smokin’ hot. One of my great regrets is not seeing him in Take Me Out when I had the chance. He was also incredibly nice. Didn’t act annoyed at all.

So, by this point I was a little flustered (it being two in the morning didn’t help). If I had been thinking straight I would have asked Mr. Lombardi and Mr. Sunjata to pose for a picture together (without me). But I didn’t. Oh well, next time I’ll be prepared for the well-meaning, totally cool, funny-as-hell old crew guy.

You can see my other pictures (you know, the ones without me) here.

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Rescue Me Had A Late Night In Williamsburg [Filming In Brooklyn]

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