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3 pounds to go: time for a new game plan

So my diet bet ends on Sunday. That gives me six days to lose three pounds. Yikes.

I proved during my last diet bet that I can lose a steady two pounds a week, plus a little more, using this plan.

Then, for this diet bet I tried to combine it with this plan. But I wasn’t motivated enough, so I decided just to try the Dessert for Breakfast part, without the super low carb/low cal days. But I still took Sundays completely off, which was a mistake. Without those 700 calorie days to balance it out, it slowed my weight loss down. And over all, while sticking to the Dessert for Breakfast plan was a whole lot easier than the low carb/low cal days, the weight loss was slower.

Combine that with five days at Disney World where I didn’t diet at all, and here I am, needing to lose three pounds in the next six days. Like I said, yikes.

So, for the next six days, I’m going hard core. 3 days of 1,400 calories, 3 days or 700 calories and 60 grams of carbs. And all the water I can drink. If I haven’t grown gills then I haven’t drunk enough.

I’m also starting the the BeachBody Power 90 workout this morning. Our new floor is perfect for it – carpeted, with lots of space. Hopefully that will kick things into gear.

I think that the Dessert for Breakfast plan is a good one, but my mistake was trying to do it on the 700 calorie days. After this diet bet is over I think I’m going to combine the two plans again, but not do Dessert for Breakfast on the 700 calorie days. But first, I have to get rid of half a pound a day.


I will not lose this bet.

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