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First day of training done! Only 57 more training sessions to go.

Speed, Intervals, and the Tower of Terror

After four years of “Holy shit it’s freezing!!!” winter training for the end-of-February Princess Half Marathon at Disney World, today was my first day of “OMG it’s so HOT!” training for the Tower of Terror Ten Miler in October. This is a race I’ve never done before. The good news is, I don’t have to […]

Run Like A Princess: Disney Princess Half Marathon Registration Opens TODAY!

I have completed the last three Disney Princess Half Marathons, using a combination of running and walking. This is the year I’m going to run this sucker. Not only am I going to run the Princess Half Marathon, I’m going to run a 10K the morning before. Why? Because if I complete both races – […]

The Disney Princess Half Marathon Is TOMORROW!

I have a wake-up call in three hours, for the Disney Princess Half Marathon. This is my third time running it, and I know by now that a) I won’t sleep much tonight due to nerves, and b) it won’t matter. It’s impossible to feel sleepy when surrounded by twenty-three thousand people and pumped full […]

Fit For Forty: RunPhones

There are only six-and-a-half weeks until the Disney Princess Half Marathon. And while I’ve definitely been slacking off exercise-wise for the past month or so, I’m still very far ahead of where I was at this point before the last two races. Today I did three miles and while it was very hard, it was […]

When It Comes To Weight, Find What’s right For You

Weight has been in the news a lot lately. Ralph Lauren got some publicity by hiring a size twelve model, although I hesitate to give him too big of a clap because…um…she’s gorgeous and thin and anybody who wouldn’t hire her is insane. The fact that she’s routinely referred to as “plus size” is just […]

Disney’s Tangled Royal Family 5K

Heading over with our group to the Tangled Royal Family 5K on Saturday morning I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do. It was the first day all week that I was feeling myself, my really bad cold having finally exited my body. And while most of the people in our group were […]

Today’s Agenda: Disneylucious Edition

Despite sleeping for ten hours, I was too tired to type this morning. :-)   Originally posted on Selfish Mom. All opinions expressed on this website come straight from Amy unless otherwise noted. This post has Compensation Levels of 7, 8, and 16. Please visit Amy’s Full Disclosure page for more information. Want to catch […]

Disney’s Fit for a Princess Expo

In my last post I mentioned how terrible I felt when I woke up on Friday, but things improved rapidly from there as the cold finally started to leave my body – just in time, since the Tangled Royal Family 5k was the next morning! After our early run with Jeff Galloway (more like a […]

From bad, to worse, to great with runDisney

I’d been sick for several days before heading down to Disney World on Thursday for the Tangled Family 5K and Princess Half Marathon. By Friday morning, when my alarm went off at 5:30, I was feeling terrible. I’d woken up every fifteen minutes or so all night until 4:30, then finally managed to get one […]

And then a few zebra wandered by…

Zebra So after a check-in glitch that left me without a working room key until 11pm last night (very un-Disney-like!), I’m now happily ensconced in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. The thing about these press trips is that we do more in a day than I usually do in a week, and I’m still not feeling […]