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First day of training done! Only 57 more training sessions to go.

Speed, Intervals, and the Tower of Terror

After four years of “Holy shit it’s freezing!!!” winter training for the end-of-February Princess Half Marathon at Disney World, today was my first day of “OMG it’s so HOT!” training for the Tower of Terror Ten Miler in October. This is a race I’ve never done before. The good news is, I don’t have to […]


The Ultimate Vacations With Adventures By Disney

When I go on a trip, I’m a planner. I remember the first Disney vacation I ever took with my (future) husband. I was eighteen. I bought a few books about Walt Disney World and went to town. I had everything planned, from where we would eat each meal at what time to avoid the […]

When “Sleep No More” meets Disney

The Ass and I went to a show a little while back where everybody in the roving audience had to wear a mask and remain completely silent. And I don’t think I need to explain why I have multiple sets of mouse ears (doesn’t everybody?). So today, Fiona and her playdate were going through my […]

Today’s agenda: spoiled milk edition

Well I’m not sure how much more excitement I can handle today because I’ve already had so much. I didn’t do the dishes last night before going to bed (actually, “going to couch” would be more accurate since I once again fell asleep on the couch and almost dropped my laptop), and as payment I […]

Disney Cruise Line heads to NYC in 2012!

I just attended a luncheon at the beautiful Lighthouse Restaurant at Chelsea Piers, where Disney Cruise Line president Karl Holz (with some help from a special mouse) announced some very exciting news: in May 2012 the Disney Magic will be docking in New York City for three different itineraries: south to Florida and Tte Bahamas, […]

Introducing Disney Junior, plus a giveaway!

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to the winner, Katrina! This post is a sponsored post in conjunction with the BabyCenter Blog Network. So I’m sure this would be a difficult way to market to every single kid in the country, but my son Jake is quite excited that Disney is about to debut […]

Disney’s Tangled: You’ll love it

My kids and I saw a sneak preview of the new movie Tangled, and I’m thrilled to say that Disney has once again produced a movie that I enjoyed as much as my kids did. The story revolves around Rapunzel and her seventy feet of magical hair. She’s spent her life trapped in a tower, being […]

Disney’s “Tangled” giveaway, & a peek behind the making of CGI animation

The giveaway is now closed, but keep reading for a look at how CGI movies evolve, plus you can check out my full Tangled review here. Last month Jake, Fiona and I had a very special experience: we got to see an unfinished preview of Disney’s new movie Tangled, which will be in theaters on […]

Secretariat: a selfish mom’s dream movie

The folks at Disney have a magic formula.  They don’t apply it to everything (some of the Disney Channel stuff seems designed specifically to make me leave the room), but when they do, the result is magic: a movie loved by a 37-year-old mom, a nine-year-old boy, and a six-year-old girl.  We saw an early […]

First they came for the implants, and I said nothing because my jugs were real

I was showering this morning and had 1010 Wins on the radio, when I heard the words “Disney” and “breast implants” in the same sentence.  That doesn’t happen often.  It seems that a casting notice recently went out for extras for the fourth “Pirate of the Caribbean” movie that spells out the need for actresses […]