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Weight Loss 4.0

I feel like I’m in the fourth (and final) stage of my weight loss. That might seem weird since I still have more than 30 pounds to go until I reach my goal, but I’m in a comfortable routine that is working – I don’t feel like I’m looking for “the best way” to lose […]

Today’s Agenda: on the clock edition

I love Mondays. I get the house to myself once again. Of course, I didn’t realize that the weather program on my phone was set to Celsius. I bundled the kids up like they were summiting Everest and shoved them out the door. So I haven’t been talking about weight loss for a few weeks. […]

Carbs, sleep, dieting, & more: my interview with Dr. Oz

A couple weeks ago I had an amazing opportunity to sit down with Dr. Oz and a fabulous group of bloggers. He gave us about forty-five minutes to pick his brain, and pick it we did. The topics were varied, but since I’ve been on a weight-loss kick lately (ten pounds gone!) I was most […]

Sitting down with Dr. Oz

So we’re right in the middle of our discussion with Dr. Oz. I’m here at his show with a fantastic group of bloggers (gathered by Barbara Jones of the One2One Network) talking about nutrition, weight loss, legislation, and other topics and I just have to say that he’s awesome. Friendly, open, helpful, and passionate. The […]

Today’s Agenda: Dr. Oz edition

So I’m on my way to Rockefeller Center to attend a roundtable discussion with some fabulous bloggers and Oz the Great and Terrible. No, wait, wrong Oz. I’ll be meeting Dr. Oz, the one who rose to fame on Oprah and keeps making me look up the word “omentum.” (Many thanks to Barbara Jones and […]