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BlogHer 2011: eBay Classifieds & my renewed resolve to not end up on an embarrassing reality show

BlogHer logoI’m so thrilled to be attending my fourth BlogHer conference! I can’t believe how far I’ve come since I attended my first one in San Francisco in 2008. I had just started blogging and had no idea what I was doing, but my sister lived in San Fran, so I figured going to the conference would be a good excuse to visit her. Honestly, I left BlogHer ‘08 a little more confused than when I went in, because of the enormous amount of information that had been shoved into my brain in the space of two days (so it was a good kind of confused). When I’d started blogging I thought it was something you did alone, for free, and possibly every once in a while you’d get to do something cool, like meet Grover. I had no idea what I was in for, or how blogging would take over my life.

smallWith each successive BlogHer I have to admit I’ve attended fewer conference sessions and instead used it as a networking marathon of sorts. Thousands of bloggers, PR and brand reps attend, so it’s a great place for relationships to start or move to the next level. And on Saturday my blogging career will enter a new phase, when I host my first event, along with my fellow Blogging Angels and the ladies from Zebra Partners. We’re holding a breakfast for about sixty fantastic bloggers, and we hope they leave with some tools to better present and market themselves. Because as much as some bloggers would like to present this as a warm-and-fuzzy community of women, for many of us it’s a business. And I must confess: I have a lot to learn at the breakfast as well. After more than three years of blogging, I still feel in many ways like I have no idea what I’m doing.

Listening back to some things I’ve said in Blogging Angels podcasts, I notice I’m getting a little cocky. Perhaps it comes from getting somewhat comfortable and confident with what I’m doing – just enough to act like a know-it-all, even though I still have so far to go. So I’m really grateful that as an eBay Classifieds ambassador I get to attend BlogHer with their sponsorship money, not worrying about how many hours I have to work or how many posts I have to write to make up for the plane fare and hotel and conference ticket and, yes, a nice meal or two (a girl’s gotta relax a little, right?).

ebaybadgeI’ve been working with eBay Classifieds for a while now and I feel like I’m on the precipice of a major shift in my life. I’ve been letting a lot of stuff build up in our house, and I’ve been blaming our renovation. One entire floor hasn’t even been started yet, and honestly I don’t know when it will be (when money rains from the sky, perhaps?). I keep telling myself that once that floor is usable I’ll have plenty of storage space for everything I’ve accumulated, but I think it’s finally time to admit that if I wait for that floor to be finished, I just might be found by my kids one day, buried under a pile of crap.

Now there’s no need to call the producers of Hoarders or anything like that – I’m not at that stage. But I am at the stage where when people come over, there’s a mad dash to get stuff hidden, and I never ever let anyone see the upstairs. It would take days to prepare for that. So, while eBay Classifieds has been my go-to site for buying some really wonderful things (an awesome treadmill and a really great TV, to name a couple), I haven’t been using it as I should have, to also move things out of the house. So, that’s the project when I get back from BlogHer: Operation Move The Crap Out!

The goal? To be able to use some key areas that right now are just piled with stuff. I have an entire room on the top floor that’s supposed to be my dressing room – there’s an awesome art deco dressing table in there, and shelves for my shoes and accessories, but I’ve never been able to use it as such – it’s filled with crap. On the parlour floor, my piano – which I would really love to use – is buried under boxes. Even on our kitchen floor, where I’ve set up several beautiful shelves in a back hallway to organize all of my baking and overflow kitchen stuff, I can’t get to anything because whenever something is in our way we just toss it in there, somewhat out of sight.

And I don’t want to put too much pressure on this project, but I’ve found in the past that when one area of my life gets in order, others tend to follow suit. So there’s some extra motivation there.

At the risk of my husband divorcing me, I will be posting “before pictures.” They will make the “after” pictures look all that more impressive.

But first, on to BlogHer! And a huge thanks to eBay Classifieds for getting me here. If you’re here and want to hear about what a fantastic, free listing site eBay Classifieds is, tap me on the shoulder and ask!

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