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Just Dance 2015: Fun For The Coordinated, And For Me

I can’t dance. That’s a fact as true as the sky being blue and water being wet. But I can’t. I mean, I can learn moves if I have to. I’ve been in musicals and such. But I’m not a quick study, and I’m not at all graceful (tap was the only dance class I […]


FitBit Flex Review

Yesterday I wrote about whether or not wearing a FitBit Flex actually changed how much I moved around each day (short answer: yes, most days, but not when I was such a slug that my goal was out of reach). This post is more specific to the FitBit Flex and the website. How I […]

My Kids Eat Homemade Bread–What’s Your Excuse?

Last night my husband asked me what I thought about the “hot mom controversy.” I stared at him blankly. And after lording it over me for a few minutes that he knew about something that happened online before I did, he told me about Maria Kang, who put a picture up on her Facebook page […]

Walking The MoonWalkNYC Marathon

Saturday night I did something unbelievable (as in I still don’t believe I did it): I walked a marathon. 26.2 miles. I did it to raise money for a great charity, but I also did it to prove that I could. This was the first ever MoonWalkNYC Marathon. (My registration fee was covered thanks to a […]

FastDiet Update: Week 20

Today I start week twenty of the FastDiet, also called the 5/2 Diet. In this post, back in March, I outlined my plan. I weighed myself about a week ago, and so far I’ve lost 21 pounds! I feel fantastic, and I’m wearing clothes that haven’t fit me in a decade. I get a ton […]

Walking The Walk For A Good Cause–In My Bra!

[The following post was commissioned by One2One Network and Walk The Walk, and contains referral links.] There are a few things I never thought I’d do in my life. For example, I never thought I’d ever set out to walk a marathon on purpose. I figured if I ever walked a marathon it would be […]

Putting My Money Where My Ass Is

I’ve been nibbling around the edges of being a runner for too long. For three years now I’ve signed up for the Disney Princess Half Marathon, and all three years I finished it using a combination of jogging and walking. And while I’m proud of that, I would like to run more of it. I […]

FastDiet Update: A More Reasonable Loss

I discovered this morning that I’d lost a pound after my second week on the FastDiet. And while that isn’t as exciting as seeing five pounds come off fast, it’s encouraging in a different way, because it’s a more sustainable loss. I mean, at a pound a week, I’d be at my goal weight this […]

Fit For Forty: RunPhones

There are only six-and-a-half weeks until the Disney Princess Half Marathon. And while I’ve definitely been slacking off exercise-wise for the past month or so, I’m still very far ahead of where I was at this point before the last two races. Today I did three miles and while it was very hard, it was […]

When It Comes To Weight, Find What’s right For You

Weight has been in the news a lot lately. Ralph Lauren got some publicity by hiring a size twelve model, although I hesitate to give him too big of a clap because…um…she’s gorgeous and thin and anybody who wouldn’t hire her is insane. The fact that she’s routinely referred to as “plus size” is just […]