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Father’s Day Waffles…eventually

Waffle MakerWe all just got done with our Father’s Day brunch.  Or maybe it was lunch.  I’m not sure where the dividing line is on that, maybe it was actually breakfast since it was the first thing anybody ate, despite the fact that it wasn’t ready until almost noon.

The kids let us sleep in this morning, and I let The Ass sleep in some more for Father’s Day while I went downstairs to make his breakfast request, waffles.  I’ve made waffles a bunch of times since we got a waffle maker earlier this year, but I usually just make a simple batter that takes about five minutes to put together – quick and easy and…just OK.  I mean, an OK waffle fresh from the waffle iron is better than no waffle at all, but still.  I thought maybe since it was Father’s Day I should do something a little more special.

This is where all of you experienced cooks are saying “Don’t EVER make a recipe the first time for a special occasion (or for company)!”  I’m impressed that you can speak parenthetically.  And yes, you’re right.  But they’re waffles for goodness’ sake.  It’s not like I was going to attempt a Father’s Day flan for the first time.

I grabbed my laptop and started looking for Belgian Waffle recipes.  I discarded the first few because they used a ridiculous amount of eggs and butter.  This is why restaurant food tastes so freaking good, because you can’t see how many eggs and how much butter goes into things.  But after looking at about twenty Belgian Waffle recipes I realized that if I wanted to make super-duper-special Father’s Day waffles, I was going to have to suck it up and make light, fluffy, eggy, buttery waffles.  And quickly too, because it was getting late.

I settled on one that used the least amount of eggs while still resembling the rest of the Belgian Waffle recipes.  There was just nothing I could do about the butter, they all used a ton.  But I didn’t have regular yeast, only instant, and I only had two cups of flour, not four, so I had some substitution research to do.  Once that was finally done and I had settled on instant yeast and bread flour, I got to work.  And it’s not that the recipe was kind-of a pain-in-the-ass, it was that I’d never made it before, so there was a lot of checking and rereading and rechecking.  The butter was supposed to be melted and then cooled to room temp.  Oh well, no time for that!  The milk had to be 110 degrees, and I made it 140 by mistake, so I had to mix in some cold milk then re-measure.  But I got it all done, and got to the end of the recipe, where it instructed me to cover the batter tightly and let it rest for an hour.


I know how yeast works, I’m not sure why this was a surprise.  But I hadn’t gotten much sleep and hadn’t read through to the end of the recipe and, well, I didn’t have an hour!  The kids had already come down twice asking when breakfast would be ready and now my husband was awake and downstairs and sitting on the couch with a cloud over his head, grumbling that anything would be good at this point and why hadn’t I just made the regular old batter, and I was starting to panic.  So I covered it and got to work on the fruit salad and Jake’s pancakes (don’t get me started – he was the one who got us hooked on waffles and decided he didn’t like them right around the time we got the waffle maker).

In the end the batter sat for about 30 minutes.  It definitely had not doubled in size, but that was as long as I could stretch things out without completely ruining Father’s Day and having to revive the kids with smelling salts.  And while I’m not sure my husband would say that they were worth the wait, he did say that they were much better than our normal, non-Belgian waffles.  So I’ll be making these again for sure, just not after sleeping in until nine-thirty in the morning.

Here’s the recipe, it’s a good one.  Just leave yourself enough time.

And now, after we all finally shower and get ready, we’ll be heading to Coney Island, my least favorite place in the entire world.  But it’s Father’s Day, so this is the only place you’ll hear me complain.

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