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Christmas in November, courtesy of Belgium

I was just dropping my babysitter off at home, and there was a commercial being filmed for a Belgian airline on her block. They were even making fake snow. So pretty! And unlike the rest of the Christmas Creep, it will be gone by tomorrow. Originally posted on Selfish Mom, from Amy’s cell phone (so […]

“The Good Wife” filming today at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

This morning while driving back from my kids’ summer camp I stumbled upon the unmistakable sight of dozens of large trucks lining the street, setting up for a movie or TV shoot near the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens.  It turned out to be CBS’ The Good Wife, my new favorite show from last season.  The Good […]

A “Nightmare” of a meal at Mojito

Back in May of 2009, Kitchen Nightmares – one of my favorite shows – filmed an episode in my neighborhood, at local Cuban restaurant Mojito.  It’s never a good sign for a restaurant to make it onto the show, and I felt glad that I had never eaten there before.  I’ve seen plenty of episodes […]

Interview with Antoine Fuqua, director

Since the new Richard Gere/Ethan Hawke movie Brooklyn’s Finest, which filmed almost entirely in Brooklyn, is about to be released (March 5th), I’ve been republishing a series of posts I wrote for my other blog, Filming In Brooklyn.  This is the last in the series, and my favorite: an interview with the movie’s director, Antoine […]

Conversations with “Brooklyn’s Finest”

This week I’ve been republishing some posts from my other blog, Filming In Brooklyn, about my set visit in 2008 to the soon-to-be-released movie Brooklyn’s Finest. The movie will be released on March 5th, and I couldn’t be more excited.  Antoine Fuqua, who directed Brooklyn’s Finest, also directed Training Day, one of my favorite movies.  […]

On location with “Brooklyn’s Finest,” bodega edition

In the summer of  ’08 I was lucky enough to spend a day on the set of a Richard Gere/Ethan Hawke movie, Brooklyn’s Finest,  for my other blog Filming In Brooklyn.   I’m reposting what came out of that visit in anticipation of the movie’s March 5th release.  You can see the first one here. This […]

On Location with “Brooklyn’s Finest”

In the summer of 2008 I got to spend a day on the set of Brooklyn’s Finest for my other blog, Filming In Brooklyn, and it was quite a day.  It’s been a year-and-a-half, but I’m finally starting to see commercials for the movie.  It will be in theaters on March 5th, and since I […]

Filming In Brooklyn in The NY Daily News

So the NY Daily News article that I’ve been mentioning has finally hit the paper and their website.  There’s also this, plus six of my favorite pictures from FIB’s short history (my God, Salma Hayek is hot). The only small problem I have with the article is the very end: “It’s a bit of an […]

What Did Happen When I Got Back?

On my way back from San Francisco I wrote a post for the NYC Moms Blog about leaving my kids home with my husband for an extended amount of time, when he would have to deal with the kids during their normal routine, carpooling and packing lunches and all that other fun stuff. As I […]

BlogHer and Grover and Lists, Oh My!

So I’m still jetlagged from spending half of last week in California (my first trip there, incidentally). I was there just long enough to get on their schedule, and now I seem to be stuck. I went to San Francisco to attend BlogHer, a convention for female bloggers. I’ll write more about the convention later, […]