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Some Girls Love Pink Princesses, And That’s OK Too

It’s that time again, when the internet is up in arms about dolls and princesses and other pink and girlie toys for girls. This time it’s because of this video:   And I get it, I really do. It is ridiculously obvious in any toy store which toys are being marketed to girls and which […]

Sleeping Like A Princess With Disney Paint

[The following post was commissioned by MomTrends.] In my first two installments chronicling my Disney Paint adventure (purchasing the supplies and stenciling), I talked about the different kinds of Disney specialty paints from Glidden. After working with two of them – Magnificent Metallic and All That Glitters – I was ready to show Fiona’s room […]

Fiona’s Broadway Dreams

One of the things I want for my kids is for them to be able to pursue their dreams. They’re both very lucky in that their dreams seem to line up nicely with their talents: Jake, who has a great mind for math and science, wants to do something with computers or video games. Fiona, […]

Fiona & I will be on Huffington Post Live tonight

A couple years ago I wrote about Fiona and her belief in God. I wrote about it in my former job with Momtourage (I don’t know why they have it listed as being written this year, it was not), and in a better piece on my own site, Bill O’Reilly and Bill Maher in my […]

Just when I thought Fiona couldn’t get any cuter…

Fiona is writing a TV show. She spent all morning making a packet for each character, including drawing what each should look like and adjectives to describe them, like “happy,” “smart,” and my personal favorite, “inberest.” Now she’s auditioning her stuffed animals for the parts. I could die from the cuteness overload. Originally posted on […]

Today’s agenda: diva edition

The first half of this day promises to be lazy…at least for the kids. It’s their first day of summer vacation so I’m going to ask nothing of them except basic hygiene. Later, though, we head to Fiona’s big singing performance! She was in an after-school chorus this year, and the director, Ian Jones, thought […]

Randomosity, What the hell is THAT? edition

I find the weirdest bugs in our downstairs bathroom. I don’t even want to know what this one is. ********** Michelle Obama is my hero. Now I’m just waiting for a few particular Republicans to find a way to criticize the First Lady for being physically fit. ********** Fiona performed with her school chorus at […]

Randomosity: Don’t pull my finger edition

So there’s something wrong with my finger. About six weeks ago it developed a big callous-like thing on one side next to the nail. It was fairly painful when touched so after a few days I tried to trim the hard skin off with nail clippers, but under the hard skin was just more hard […]

Today’s agenda: fancy clothes edition

This morning as I was racing around trying to get out of the house, Fiona asked me why I was dressed so fancy. I’m wearing jeans and a t-shirt, no make-up, one eyebrow over-plucked, and I desperately wish I’d gotten up ten minutes earlier to do my hair. It’s probably because I almost always walk […]

A stylist yesterday, a doctor the day before that, a house builder today…until the earthquake hits

For the longest time, Fiona wanted to be a stylist when she grew up. I think it started about a year ago: she suggested that I pair some green earrings with my dress, I said “Great choice, Fiona, you should be a stylist!” and she decided right then and there that she was going to […]