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Some Girls Love Pink Princesses, And That’s OK Too

It’s that time again, when the internet is up in arms about dolls and princesses and other pink and girlie toys for girls. This time it’s because of this video:


And I get it, I really do. It is ridiculously obvious in any toy store which toys are being marketed to girls and which are meant for boys.

But as the mother of a girl who adores pink, and princesses, and Barbies, AND math and robotics, I have to give this hoopla a big SO WHAT?

Fiona came out practically wearing a pink tutu and a tiara. It’s just how she is. She asked for a doll house the last three Christmases. The first two we tried were just not what she had in mind, but we finally got it right last year with, you guessed it, a pink plastic Barbie Dream House (which was a bitch to put together, by the way).

She loves playing dress-up. She loves playing with my make-up. She also loves building things, no matter what color the blocks are – but if given the choice, she’d choose the girlie ones.

The “girl” aisles in the toy store are pink because pink shit sells. Would more girls want non-pink stuff if it were presented to them in a gender-free way? Probably. And I love that some people are trying to do just that – I have nothing bad to say about that movement. I also have nothing bad to say about companies like the one that made that video up there, which is clearly marketing just to girls, with toys centered on building and engineering (although my friends who review toys say they’re just not very good, oh well). The more choices the better.

But if you DO have a girl who loves pink and dolls, embrace it! Your daughter is not destined to a life of servitude to her male masters who played with blocks and cars as children! Her love of pink frilliness could happily coexist with her love of flashcards and Minecraft and her place on the robotics team at school and her many, many dance classes.

Kids are diverse. The world will try to pigeonhole them, so don’t do it at home. I would never ever make my daughter think that her love of pink is somehow wrong, or that it lessens her choices.

Just let kids be themselves and follow their passions, even if you think their passions go against everything you want them to be.

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