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Doing Pinterest Right

I think I follow too many food boards on Pinterest. But at least I have my daughter’s lunch packed for the first day of school. Thanks for the inspiration, Kelby!


Olive Oil Popcorn Follow-Up: Blind Taste Test

  While I did write a sponsored post for Pompeian Olive Oil recently, this video was done on my own and was not sponsored in any way.


And The Grossest Spoiled Food Item You’ve Ever Found In Your House Or Car is…

Yesterday I was tidying up the house a bit in anticipation of the kids coming home today from sleep away camp. Jake’s been gone for almost two weeks, Fiona for almost six. Basically I didn’t want them to know how slovenly I’d been while they were gone. I came across Jake’s NY Yankees lunchbox in […]


Creamy Hershey’s Syrup Dessert Dip Recipe

[The following post is sponsored by Hershey] My family uses a lot of Hershey’s Syrup, especially in summer. My son Jake and I both love chocolate milk, and I’ve been incorporating it into my exercise recovery. With the right balance of carbs to protein, chocolate milk helps me recover after my longer runs (and man, […]


Take the Pompeian Pledge For August!

[The following post is sponsored by Pompeian.] When Pompeian asked me to write a sponsored post about olive oil, I told myself that it would be a no-brainer. I already use a lot of olive oil when cooking. It’s delicious on pasta and pizza (and I eat a lot of pasta and pizza!). I always […]


Win A Hershey’s Syrup Sundae Prize Pack!

[The following post is sponsored by Hershey’s] A few months ago some new people moved in next door, and they have a fire pit. I’m totally jealous of their fire pit, mostly because I love s’mores! They’re the best part of camping. In fact, pretty much the only part of camping that I actually like. […]


Easy Blackened Chicken Recipe

I posted a picture of my husband’s favorite chicken on Instagram earlier, and my friend Christy requested the recipe. Happy to post it – it’s so easy even this vegetarian can do it! My husband used to stop by the grocery store on his way home from work on Fridays and buy one of their […]


NY & SF Friends, Have You Heard Of Farmigo?

I started my day with Farmigo cheese!!! Yesterday I got my first Farmigo delivery. Farmigo is a group ordering service that connects consumers with farmers, kind-of like a CSA, but with a lot more flexibility. I tried our local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) the first year we moved to Brooklyn. I bought a share with […]


Behold: Mashed Potato Pizza

If I had to list my top five favorite foods, pizza and mashed potatoes would definitely be in there. I could eat one or both every day and be happy. Today I was making pizza for the kids for lunch, and I had a revelation: why not take my leftover mashed potatoes from earlier in […]


Control What You Can, Because The Rest Is Out Of Your Hands

Have you ever said to someone “You control your happiness! It’s in your hands!” only to have them say “Really? Because my daughter threw up three times last night and we’re two payments behind on our mortgage.” Well, yeah. Which is why I hate those pithy little sayings and would never actually say them to […]