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Easy Blackened Chicken Recipe

I posted a picture of my husband’s favorite chicken on Instagram earlier, and my friend Christy requested the recipe. Happy to post it – it’s so easy even this vegetarian can do it! My husband used to stop by the grocery store on his way home from work on Fridays and buy one of their […]


NY & SF Friends, Have You Heard Of Farmigo?

I started my day with Farmigo cheese!!! Yesterday I got my first Farmigo delivery. Farmigo is a group ordering service that connects consumers with farmers, kind-of like a CSA, but with a lot more flexibility. I tried our local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) the first year we moved to Brooklyn. I bought a share with […]


Behold: Mashed Potato Pizza

If I had to list my top five favorite foods, pizza and mashed potatoes would definitely be in there. I could eat one or both every day and be happy. Today I was making pizza for the kids for lunch, and I had a revelation: why not take my leftover mashed potatoes from earlier in […]


Control What You Can, Because The Rest Is Out Of Your Hands

Have you ever said to someone “You control your happiness! It’s in your hands!” only to have them say “Really? Because my daughter threw up three times last night and we’re two payments behind on our mortgage.” Well, yeah. Which is why I hate those pithy little sayings and would never actually say them to […]

A Simple Sundae For Your Sunday

I used to live near a Ben & Jerry’s, and almost every time I went I’d get the Banana Fudge Royal. I haven’t been to a B&J’s in probably a decade, and I don’t know if the Banana Fudge Royal even exists any more, but last Wednesday I got a powerful craving for one. So […]

Martha Stewart’s Banana Cream Pie Recipe

After talking about it for several days, I finally got around to making Banana Cream Pie. It’s one of my favorite desserts, but I’ve never found a recipe for it that I loved. I decided to try this one from Martha Stewart. As I always do for a first time recipe, I made it exactly […]

Jell-o Pudding Pops Still Exist

OK, so they don’t exist in the grocery store freezer section any more, and haven’t for quite a while. But you can easily make a close copy. I don’t remember exactly when they stopped existing, but I’m guessing it was about 18 years ago. If the internet had been around in any real way back […]

My Easy White Sandwich Bread Recipe, Without The Hard Ingredients

A couple weeks ago I posted my own easy recipe for white bread. And I stand by it: it’s incredibly easy to assemble and bake. However, the difficulty was in two ingredients that non-bakers might not have on hand: instant yeast, and baker’s dry milk. I say, buy those ingredients. They’ll be very useful in […]

Baking Beginner Sandwich Bread

  [A few readers have suggested that the recipe would be even easier if it didn't use a couple of ingredients that non-bakers would never have on hand; I've revised the recipe to use more common ingredients, while still keeping it as easy as possible!] I love fresh bread. I love the smell, I love […]

Please Help Bake It Happen For Breast Cancer Research!

My friend Shari, from the great food blog My Judy The Foodie, lost her mother to breast cancer. Her mother is Judy, and the blog is Shari’s way of getting to know her mother even better through her recipes. One of these recipes is Judy’s Banana Chocolate Chip Loaf. It’s a rich, moist banana bread […]