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Awesome, Easy Indoor Winter Gardening

[I received a complimentary AeroGarden and starter seed kit to review.] Usually around this time of year I’m looking wistfully out of the window into my backyard, wondering when I’ll be able to get out there are start planting. But not this year, because I’ve been growing things all winter! I was really excited when […]

A Community Garden, In Every Sense Of The Word

[The following post was commissioned by Scotts Miracle-Gro] A few days ago the kids and I headed into the city to visit a community garden that has benefited from the Scotts Miracle-Gro Gro1000 program, a community outreach initiative that provides grants to community gardens. This particular garden is on the roof of Metro Baptist Church, […]

My Surprise Love Of Gardening

I am not an outdoor person. Sure, I enjoy eating outside once in a while, at a picnic or in our backyard (as long as I have at least three of these going). And I prefer to exercise outdoors, because it seems to go faster. But for the most part, I’d rather be inside. I […]

Congratulations to the “Love Your Veggies” winners!

So our garden is coming along surprisingly well, after a few bumps in the road. The first bump was when I returned from a three-day trip to find one of my planters dug up and filled with several days of cat poop. After cleaning it up and throwing up in my mouth a few times […]

Today’s Agenda

I slept for eleven hours last night. Of course, the night before I slept for a whopping two hours, so together they barely average out to two decent nights of sleep, but I feel much better. And after doing some disaster relief in my kitchen and laundry room (I found Sean Penn under a pile […]

Why buy avocados when you can grow your own?

I was was just joking around on twitter about growing my own avocados, since I spend so much on them. Then I started googling it and decided to give it a try! I’ll let you know in five to ten years if my efforts bear fruit. Originally posted on SelfishMom, from Amy’s cell phone (so […]

Hidden Valley gets your garden started!

My Garden I’m writing this post under the best possible circumstances: in the early morning light, out in my newly-renovated back yard, gazing upon my new raised garden beds just waiting to be filled. (If any of my neighbors are looking my way, they’re not getting as good a deal – they’re gazing on me […]

From junk heap to beautiful backyard

This is the story of how our backyard went from being a disaster to being a beautiful oasis of grass and bricks in just two short weeks. Five years and two weeks. When we moved in to our brownstone the backyard was a complete mess. It had a hideous plastic and wood “shelter” built on […]

My cat ate my son’s college scholarship

A few days ago Jake came home from school with a little plant. He said that “everyone” got one, and whoever has the best plant at the end of the school year will get a $1,000 college scholarship. He was unable to tell me how much competition there was for this scholarship: his class? His […]

Yes, it’s another gardening post!

But I’ll keep it quick, because I really need a shower.  The only part of me not dirty is my hands, because I was wearing gardening gloves that are so cute I was reluctant to get them dirty (but I did because I really hate cleaning dirt out from under my nails).  I came home […]