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Awesome, Easy Indoor Winter Gardening

[I received a complimentary AeroGarden and starter seed kit to review.]

Usually around this time of year I’m looking wistfully out of the window into my backyard, wondering when I’ll be able to get out there are start planting. But not this year, because I’ve been growing things all winter!

Indoor gardening with AeroGarden

I was really excited when my AeroGarden arrived, because I caught the gardening bug a few years ago, and winters since then have seemed extra long.

Indoor gardening with AeroGarden - unpacking Indoor gardening with AeroGarden - setting up

Unpacking and assembly took less than five minutes. Super easy. Things got even easier once I plugged my AeroGarden in, because the screen led me through everything step-by-step.

Indoor gardening with AeroGarden - setting up

I placed the seed pods into the holes, covered them with their little plastic caps, filled the reservoir with water and plant food (which came with the seed kit), and then it was waiting time.

There was literally nothing I had to do at this point. The grow lights go on and off themselves. The water circulates when it’s supposed to. There is NO dirt to deal with!

Indoor gardening with AeroGarden - seed podsIndoor gardening with AeroGarden - setting up

In less than a week the first tiny little sprouts started to appear in the pods. Once they’d grown enough to almost touch the plastic caps, it was time to uncover them.

Indoor gardening with AeroGarden - sprouting

Indoor gardening with AeroGarden - growing

Once they’d started growing, all I had to do was add water when the screen told me to, add plant food, and prune the taller plants to give the shorter ones time to catch up. It’s been the easiest thing to maintain ever. As long as you follow the instructions, it’s basically idiot-proof.

Indoor gardening with AeroGarden - add water alert

My herbs have been growing for 71 days now, and they’re just beautiful!

Indoor gardening with AeroGarden - growing herbs

Now, everything was not perfect. Two of the pods – savory and chives – never really did much of anything for whatever reason (I think I could have contacted the company about that, because the pods are guaranteed to grow). But that actually works out OK, because I use basil like crazy. So now I’m looking in to cloning the basil and adding two more pods of it. I’ve ordered a grow anything kit from AeroGarden that doesn’t come with any seeds – you can use your own, or use plant cuttings. I’ll let you know how it goes.

In the meantime, I’ve been using fresh herbs all over the place. Usually in the winter if I want fresh herbs I have to buy a pack of them for $3-4, and most of it goes to waste. With my AeroGarden, I just cut off exactly what I need!

I can sprinkle fresh basil on pasta, and put it on delicious homemade pizzas:

Indoor gardening with AeroGarden - pasta with basil

Indoor gardening with AeroGarden - pizza with fresh basil

I also put basil in sauces, and I make a lot of sauce. Can you see why I need to grow more basil?

Indoor gardening with AeroGarden - tomato sauce with fresh basil

My husband’s favorite fish recipe uses a ton of thyme, and the AeroGarden has plenty.

Indoor gardening with AeroGarden - fresh thyme

Indoor gardening with AeroGarden - fish with olives, lemon, and fresh thyme

And parsley goes in so many different recipes. So useful!

Indoor gardening with AeroGarden - fresh parsley

I can honestly say that having all of those fresh herbs available at a moment’s notice has transformed my winter cooking. I’m still looking forward to spring, but now I’m not as desperate for it.

I highly recommend the AeroGarden. It’s something that I would absolutely spend my own money on. In fact, I’m thinking of buying a second AeroGarden, just so that I can have fresh tomatoes year round!

Something to keep in mind: Think about where you’re going to place your AeroGarden, because when the grow lights are on they are very bright, and the sound of water circulating through the system can be loud as well. Ours started out in our dining room, and we ended up moving it to the pantry due to the bright lights. 

You can check out the entire line of AeroGarden products on their website.

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