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Comparison Shop At Local Stores With Price Patrol

[The following post was sponsored by Price Patrol.] There have been so many times in the past when I’ve needed something right away – a gift for a birthday party I’d forgotten about, an item I needed for a project, or something that I just didn’t want to wait on for home delivery. If I’d […]

Randomosity 11/26/13

My cat is not ladylike: *** So it finally happened yesterday, after my husband got home from work. Omer: “Congrats on the haircut." Me: "Ah, you read my blog!" Omer: "Yup. Wouldn’t have noticed otherwise with a gun to my head." Sigh. *** I know what I’m getting my mom for Christmas. *** Pro tip: […]

Inspire and Instruct Your Kids with PaperSalt Books–and maybe win some!

This giveaway is now closed, but you can still use the discount code to order your own PaperSalt books until the end of July, 2012! Just enter the code “selfish mom” and you’ll get 30% off of PaperSalt’s already low prices. Congratulation to our winner, Jen, entry number five. And thanks to all who entered! […]

Holiday couch shopping: coasters

It was a gorgeous day outside, about 85 degrees. The Ass took the kids to the park to ride bikes. I had the house to myself. So what did I do? Shopped online for coasters. The men in my life drink a lot of ice water, which in sticky weather like this leaves huge puddles […]

Win a taste of Brooklyn–a great gift for any occasion!

This giveaway has closed. Congratulations to the winner, Jodi F. I love it when someone I know starts something great! My friend Dara started a company called With Love from Brooklyn that curates items and collections from Brooklyn artisans, so that you can have the best our borough has to offer shipped right to you […]

How I know I’ve been with The Ass the exact right amount of time

If I’m counting right, yesterday was my twenty-third Valentine’s Day with my husband. He’s taken me through all the phases: We’re going to dress up, and I’ll give you wildly over-priced roses, and take you to the fanciest restaurant we’ve ever heard of, one that actually takes reservations, and stare at each other all through […]

Santa identity crisis

So I’m sitting here surrounded by gifts that need wrapping, a task I actually enjoy (as long as I’m not doing it at 3am on December 25th, which has happened many other years). The problem is, I don’t know how to make out the gift tags. Two years ago, when Jake was eight, I almost […]

Give the gift of a wonderful meal with Treatful

[The following post was commissioned by] As anyone with kids (or, um, anyone who’s married to me) knows, stuff piles up. Even the most well-intentioned gift may end up being shoved in a closet, given to Goodwill or re-gifted to an annoying relative. This is why I love the idea of gifting experiences instead […]

How to shop for a gutsy smurf

[The following post was commissioned by “The Smurfs” on Blu-ray™ + DVD Holiday Combo Pack] So I’ve been tasked with getting together a gift guide for Gutsy Smurf, the tough, brave and adventurous Smurf from the new Smurfs movie, coming out on Blu-ray™ on December 2nd. This was a very easy task, since Gutsy Smurf […]

Headphones that feel as good as they sound

My husband, son and I have been fighting over a pair of Sol Republic Tracks headphones since they arrived from the company for me to review a few weeks ago. At a retail cost of around $100 they would be a fantastic gift for someone in your life who really appreciates good sound. Luckily I […]