Halloween 2014 By The Numbers


This was the first year since having kids that I wasn’t out trick-or-treating with them. Fiona’s best friend’s mom was nice enough to take her, and Jake went with his friends. I actually got to sit on our stoop and hand out candy, something I’ve never gotten to do before! I decorated and everything! There…

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So Which Halloween Treats Do You Have To Avoid With Invisalign?

Yesterday was Halloween. Halloween for me has always been about the candy. OK, most holidays for me are about the candy. I can’t imagine Thanksgiving without mashed potatoes and stuffing. Christmas without cookies. Easter without a chocolate Easter bunny. July 4th without…a whole lotta food, eaten in somebody’s backyard. And for me, Halloween is about…

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Halloween craziness


So to say my neighborhood gets into the Halloween spirit would be a bit of an understatement. It goes crazy. There are several streets that get closed down. There are live shows. There are insane numbers of people. It’s quite impressive. We actually live on the outskirts of the neighborhood now, where there aren’t as…

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