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Freebies, swaghags, and disclosure

The Blogging Angels‘ second podcast went up this morning, and I’m very excited to announce that we’re now on iTunes! This podcast is all about the free stuff that many bloggers have access to, what they do with it, and what it means for readers.  This is a subject I know a lot about.  I […]

iTunes winners, and how to update your DRM protected music

First off, I’d like to congratulate the winners of the iTunes gift cards, courtesy of Holiday Inn: Jen and Susan.  Congratulations, and thanks again to Holiday Inn for the great prizes. [Don’t read this next part if you’re an avid iTunes purchaser, or just generally aware of digital media happenings – you’ll just be saying […]

Win iTunes gift cards from Holiday Inn

Be a BudJetsetter I’ve always been partial to Holiday Inn when traveling because I’ve worked at two of them: one as a lifeguard and the other as a concierge.  They’re usually a good mix of value and amenities, and most are very family-friendly.  Children under 12 get to eat free off of the kids’ menu […]