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Negotiate this, Republicans.

For the past few days, Republicans – especially John McCain – have been all over TV, talking about how President Obama :-) needs to negotiate his stimulus bill in the Senate if he wants bipartisan support, which he does.  He didn’t get it in the House.  And he negotiated in the House.  He took things out of the bill that Republicans didn’t like, knowing that they were inconsequential anyway and that Republicans were just looking for easy fights (Abortion!  Abortion!  Obama’s paying for Abortions!  Look, everybody!).  The bill passed anyway, even if it didn’t get a single Republican vote (there are some reasonable Republicans out there, so I have a feeling some pets and small children were being held hostage until after the vote).

It all reminded me of a quote I read a couple years ago, and with my husband’s help I was able to find it:

It is no big scoop that the majority party in Congress has always found ways of giving the shaft to the minority. But there is a marked difference in the size and the length of the shaft the Republicans have given the Democrats in the past six is a one-party town — and congressional business is conducted accordingly, as though the half of the country that the Democrats represent simply does not exist.

So far, President Obama :-) has shown a determination to act the way I’m sure he would have liked to be treated when he was in the Senate under Finally Former President Bush.  He’s trying to embody the golden rule in the face of amazingly short-sighted behavior by Republicans.  They’re asking for things that they not only denied Democrats for six years, but denied them in a spectacularly blunt fashion, as if Republicans would be in power forever (an attitude that sped up their demise – talk about screwing yourself!).

If you do only one thing today, please read the article that the above quote came from: The Worst Congress Ever, by Matt Taibbi.  It appeared in Rolling Stone in 2006 and yes, it is long, but it’s worth it (and funny, in an “I can’t believe grown people – our leaders! – are acting like that” kind of way).  After you read it, think about it every time a Republican asks for negotiation, fairness, and consideration.  And then watch in wonder as President Obama :-) probably gives it to them.

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