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Today’s Agenda: easing back in

So I’m not sure how four days of doing nothing but cooking, eating and spending time with family has gotten me this far behind, but it has. Just when it felt like I was getting things under control, I’m buried again. But, at least I’m buried in good stuff.

I’ll be jumping onto a conference call in a little while with Joely Fisher from ‘Til Death. She’s an incredibly funny lady and we’ll be talking about holiday family craziness.

Speaking of holiday family craziness, my mom was here for Thanksgiving. My purple-haired, turkey giblet-dissecting mom. I need to find a few minutes to post about that.

I’ll also be hosting a twitter party today from 1-2 about not being judged. I’d love it if you would join in. We’re tweeting about things we’re simply not going to be ashamed about any more. It’s going to be a ton of fun – you can get more details here.

I’ll be posting a sponsored post about Treatful, a great way to give a restaurant meal as a gift – quick, easy, and nicely presented – with a discount code for my readers!

And I’ll be ending my day at The Daily Show as a guest of ONE! I’m chairing a campaign that starts tomorrow called The 12 Days of Change, so I’ll have much more coming up about that. So why The Daily Show? ONE’s co-founder, Bono, is tonight’s guest. Very cool. Watch tonight on Comedy Central at 11pm, and maybe you’ll see me clapping wildly from the audience. Or maybe you’ll see my friends sitting on top of me to keep me from rushing the stage. You never know.

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