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Super Easy Ranch Roasted Cauliflower

[I wrote this post as part of my compensated ambassadorship with Hidden Valley Ranch’s Love Your Veggies program.] I just made this for lunch: If you like Hidden Valley Ranch on your salad, you’ll love the tangy flavor on roasted cauliflower! To be honest, I hate cutting cauliflower as much as I love eating it. […]

Congratulations to the “Love Your Veggies” winners!

So our garden is coming along surprisingly well, after a few bumps in the road. The first bump was when I returned from a three-day trip to find one of my planters dug up and filled with several days of cat poop. After cleaning it up and throwing up in my mouth a few times […]

Hidden Valley gets your garden started!

My Garden I’m writing this post under the best possible circumstances: in the early morning light, out in my newly-renovated back yard, gazing upon my new raised garden beds just waiting to be filled. (If any of my neighbors are looking my way, they’re not getting as good a deal – they’re gazing on me […]

From junk heap to beautiful backyard

This is the story of how our backyard went from being a disaster to being a beautiful oasis of grass and bricks in just two short weeks. Five years and two weeks. When we moved in to our brownstone the backyard was a complete mess. It had a hideous plastic and wood “shelter” built on […]

Lunch with Angie Harmon – and more veggies!

To wind up this two-day kick-off of the Hidden Valley Ranch Love Your Veggies Mom Panel, we just finished a nice lunch at 5/9th with Priscilla Tuan from Hidden Valley, and Angie Harmon (picture 1), and a bunch of magazine editors. Fiona impressed everyone with her drawing of one of the veggie trays set out […]

Loving my veggies!

I’m so excited to finally announce that I’m a Hidden Valley Ranch Mom Panel member for their Love Your Veggies program! I’m at the kick-off event right now with the other panelists, waiting for our celebrity spokesmom, Angie Harmon. We all started off the morning with breakfast and meeting each other (picture 1) at the […]

Yes, it’s another gardening post!

But I’ll keep it quick, because I really need a shower.  The only part of me not dirty is my hands, because I was wearing gardening gloves that are so cute I was reluctant to get them dirty (but I did because I really hate cleaning dirt out from under my nails).  I came home […]

What’s for dinner tonight?

I’m at my daughter’s dance class (well, in the waiting room anyway) with my son, and we were just talking about what to have for dinner tonight.  The party I’m going to for Mom’s Nite Out starts at seven, and I most definitely won’t be there at seven.  I’ll be leaving my house around then, […]

I love my veggies!

I’ve mentioned this once or twice on my morning videos, but haven’t written about it: I won a big contest from Hidden Valley Ranch!  I entered the Love Your Veggies contest a few months ago, and I won!  Me and nine other people, and I’ll get to meet them all in Chicago in a few […]

Last day to enter the veggies contest!

Today is the last day to enter the Hidden Valley Ranch Love Your Veggies contest!  Yes, you have to do a little writing, but it really is a little, and upload one picture, just one.  And you could win a Moms Retreat and $5,000 to put towards a community garden!  Go here to read my […]