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Super Easy Ranch Roasted Cauliflower

[I wrote this post as part of my compensated ambassadorship with Hidden Valley Ranch’s Love Your Veggies program.]

I just made this for lunch:


If you like Hidden Valley Ranch on your salad, you’ll love the tangy flavor on roasted cauliflower!

To be honest, I hate cutting cauliflower as much as I love eating it. So to keep this recipe quick and easy, I cut the cauliflower as soon as I buy it. In fact, I’ve been working on this bag for almost two weeks, with not a brown spot in sight. The trick is, after I cut the cauliflower into bite-sized florets and wash them, I let them drain as much as possible. Then I put them into a big zipper bag and stick a folded paper towel in there to absorb moisture. I push as much air out of the bag as I can, and – as my son Jake would say – wa-LA!

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