Win Fabulous Prizes at the Grown Ups 2 Pinning Party ™

Grown Ups 2 movie poster

[The following post was commissioned by Resourceful Mommy Media] In Theaters July 12th ©2013 Columbia TriStar Marketing Group, Inc. All Rights Reserved I really can’t look at that poster without cracking up. Want to know why? Because I can relate. Anyway… The movie behind that fabulous poster, Grown Ups 2, is coming out on July…

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Disney’s Tangled: You’ll love it


My kids and I saw a sneak preview of the new movie Tangled, and I’m thrilled to say that Disney has once again produced a movie that I enjoyed as much as my kids did. The story revolves around Rapunzel and her seventy feet of magical hair. She’s spent her life trapped in a tower, being…

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This is what’s been floating around in my head for the past week. I need to clear it out to make room for more. *** So it finally happened: someone shot someone else in a movie theater for being too loud.  I can relate.  I’ve never shot anyone in a movie theater, but I have…

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