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Fashion Monday: Fat girl styling

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crocheted sweaterIn last week’s edition of Fashion Monday I wrote about how a stylist, Meg, came to my house and made me get rid of most of my clothes.  And I did get rid of them.  Well, almost all of them.  After Meg left I pulled two pieces out that I couldn’t bear to get rid of.  Neither of them had been worn in public, ever.  They were both impulse purchases.  The first, a crocheted sweater-type thing, I had bought in college.  I remember having no money and no clothes but for some reason I spent $35 on this thing that of course I never wore.  Even when I was thin I would try it on with a tank top and stretch pants under it and still it looked awful.  The length was all wrong, it had a horrible V-neck that went down almost to my belly-button…just awful.  The second was a red and gold skirt that I thought looked good in the store, and it was a great deal (my weakness) so it went home with me and sat with the tags on for years.  I brought both of these to an event hosted by fashion expert Alison Deyette, hoping that she could tell me how to wear them, or if I even should.  I didn’t want to second-guess Meg; I thought of it as more of a second opinion, like if I had been diagnosed with a horrible disease and was hoping another doctor would give me better news.  Or put me out of my misery.

red & gold skirtAlison was pretty brutal with the sweater.  There was no hope for it and I was to toss it immediately (actually, I think it could probably make some nice doilies, but I don’t have the skill so it went to the Salvation Army).  The skirt she had a little more hope for.  She said that its main problem was length, that if I could get it hemmed a little above the knee it could work.  Of course, I haven’t gotten around to doing that yet, but at least now there’s a reason for the skirt to still be in my house.

Skirt length was something  that Meg and I had talked about as well.  I tend to go for long, straight skirts that hide my fat calves.  As many overweight women do, I often fall into the trap of thinking that the more I cover the better I look.  But for reasons I still don’t quite get, it just doesn’t work that way.  Meg recommended lots of knee-length skirts and tall boots for winter, since the skirts would probably be a little more forgiving during weight loss than pants.  Of course, finding boots that fit my calves was a whole other problem, but I’ll save that for another post.

What To Buy When Losing Weight

What clothes to buy during weight loss is a big issue for me.  I hate spending money on things I know I’m not going to use for very long, and that’s exactly what I’m doing when I buy clothes that fit me now.  I don’t want to be able to wear them for very long, I want them to get baggy quickly.  So what to buy?  I interviewed Alison a couple of weeks after the event, and she had some great advice about what clothes are worth spending money on when you don’t anticipate being in that size for very long.  She had some other great fashion advice as well, and also talked about a new video game for Nintendo DS that came out recently, called Style Savvy.

Alison’s essential pieces to buy when you’re losing weight:

  • black pants with a little stretch
  • trouser jeans
  • button-down shirts with a little stretch
  • a really good trench coat with a removable liner

Alison’s style advice if you’re overweight:

  • Avoid clothes that are too tight or too over-sized
  • Dress for your body type
  • Pay attention to what you’re wearing under your clothes – a good bra can slim you instantly
  • If you have larger breasts, don’t wear crew-necks; wear V-necks and scoop-necks (but not cut too low)
  • Camouflage with jewelry: larger women shouldn’t wear very delicate or small pieces, and no chokers; you want the eye to move up-and-down

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The Style Savvy Game

I was sent the Style Savvy game to try (and a Nintendo DS to try it on), and while it wasn’t my cup of tea (um, I mean, my can of diet pop), I could see some budding fashionistas digging it.  I can especially see tween girls using the multi-player options to judge each other’s fashions and visit each other’s boutiques.  For me, getting dressed and trying to look stylish is a chore.  Maybe once I’m more comfortable with my own style I’ll enjoy playing a video game based on style.

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