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The Subway Etiquette Signs We Really Need

Recently the MTA here in NYC started putting up cute etiquette signs in the subways, like these, asking people to be considerate and not do certain things: The problem is, if the worst thing I saw on the subway was a guy eating French fries, a woman doing her hair, or some kid showing off […]


A Seat At The Table

Chirlane McCray, Mayor de Blasio, and Rebecca Levey On Friday I joined some other bloggers and sat down with NYC’s Mayor Bill de Blasio, his wife, Chirlane McCray, and my friend Rebecca Levey, who did a lot of work to help get our mayor elected. I’m thrilled to see that she still has a role […]

Why I’m A Foodie Nightmare

Yesterday was my fifteenth wedding anniversary. All day I had a feeling that I should be posting something about it, but I couldn’t figure out what. Anything really heartfelt and interesting about my relationship with my husband was, frankly, private, which left me with the usual “He’s awesome, we’re perfect for each other” blah blah […]

A Community Garden, In Every Sense Of The Word

[The following post was commissioned by Scotts Miracle-Gro] A few days ago the kids and I headed into the city to visit a community garden that has benefited from the Scotts Miracle-Gro Gro1000 program, a community outreach initiative that provides grants to community gardens. This particular garden is on the roof of Metro Baptist Church, […]

On A Stormy Day When I Didn’t Want To Leave My House…

Jennifer and Julia, the cure for my rainy-day blues. This morning I woke up reluctantly. My son wakes me up around 6am on his way downstairs, and I make him breakfast and get him out the door. I’d stayed up late last night. The house was cold. (Wasn’t it just a few days ago when […]

I Did Not Move To Brooklyn For The Wildlife

About five years ago some young raccoons tried to get into our house, every morning at 2am, for about two weeks. They would squeeze between our bedroom window and the security bars and scratch on the glass, waking us up (although by the second week, I wasn’t really sleeping). They would make a ton of […]

How Can You Help? There’s No Wrong Answer

Tragedies always bring a desire to help. When I was stuck out of town in the aftermath of hurricane Sandy I felt very removed and helpless, but then when I got home I felt overwhelmed. Where to give money? Go with a big national organization that we’ve given to when the tragedies have been farther […]

When Kids Overschedule Themselves

So I never wanted to be the mom with the overscheduled kids. I like hanging out at home. But my kids have other ideas. Fiona signs up for after school classes every day they’re offered, Monday through Thursday. She loves it. They’re at her school, so I love it too – I just pick her […]

Middle School: taking a chance

It’s middle school selection time in NYC, and with our oldest being in 5th grade this is our first time going through the process. Without going into too many specifics, it’s looking like our choice will come down to two public schools, which couldn’t be more different: Giant & Established vs. Tiny & Brand Spanking […]

Posting from my bathroom for charity

So I’m sitting in my bathroom writing this post. No, I’m not doing that, I’m waiting for my hair dye to penetrate my gray hairs and dark roots. What would make me dye my hair on a Tuesday when I have so many other things I should be doing? The RBaby Foundation. I first heard […]