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Videos That Tickle Me

There are some videos that I can watch over and over (and no, not all of them are a-ha videos).

This one has been going around for a while, but my step-mom just emailed it to me and reminded me of its existence. It’s comedienne Anita Renfroe, condensing everything moms say to their kids in the course of a day into a three-minute section of the William Tell Overture. It’s hilarious.

If you want to see her interviewed on CBS, go here.

Even funnier, I think, is her response to “Momsense” called, of course, “Dadsense.”

Moving on to politics, where there’s always material, the funny folks at JibJab recently released their latest video, about the Obama and McCain campaigns.

Time For Some Campaignin’

But as funny as that is, it doesn’t hold a candle to the first JibJab video I ever saw, from the Kerry/Bush campaign. I’ve probably seen this 50 times, and it makes me laugh out loud every single time.

This Land


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