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Tassimo Review By A Coffee Hater

Tassimo T55

Tassimo T55

At first glance I’m probably an odd choice to review anything having to do with coffee: I hate coffee. Hate the smell, hate the mess the grounds make, hate cleaning out the pot. My husband loves coffee, but usually only drinks it at home on weekends. Still, when Tassimo sent me a Tassimo T55 brewing system and a large assortment of T-discs to review, I knew we’d get a lot of use out of it. It turns out that this single-cup coffee maker is perfect for us for several reasons:

Since my husband is the only one drinking the coffee, a whole pot doesn’t go to waste.

No grounds or pot to clean up

Easy coffee choices for guests

Makes other drinks besides coffee

Has a water filter built in to the unit

Needs no warm-up time – always ready to go!

Can be set before you brew for stronger or weaker coffee

Tassimo T-disc

Tassimo T-disc

Making a cup of coffee or another drink is super easy. Each T-disc has a bar code on it, and the brewing system scans the bar code so that you don’t have to do anything but press the start button. It heats the correct amount of water to the right temperature to put out the perfect cup every time.

Tassimo Chai Latte

Chai Latte

My mom is visiting us this weekend, but she’s not a coffee drinker. She tried the Chai Latte and she’s hooked! The foamy milk drinks use two discs. One is a milk disc that foams up incredibly well, and then the tea disc shoots the tea in. It’s as beautiful (and according to my mom, as tasty) as anything you’d get in a coffee shop, and it takes just a couple minutes to make.

I’ve been drinking the very tasty Peppermint Hot Chocolate. It tastes like someone whipped it! No matter how hard I stir the powdered stuff if would never have this light consistency. Sometimes I make the effort to make hot chocolate absolutely homemade with syrup and milk in a pan, but I find that rather heavy. This is better, and so so easy

And my husband thinks the coffee is really good. :-)

Check back on Monday – I’ll be giving one of these brewing systems away, and I’ll also be posting Cyber Monday discount codes for you to buy your own!

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