Fire Prevention Week–What You Can Do!


[The following post is sponsored by Kidde.] If I told you that you were twice as likely to survive a disaster if you took certain reasonable steps, you’d do them, right? I mean, twice as likely to survive is nothing to sneeze at. That’s double. Well, if you have working smoke alarms installed where they’re…

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Fighting Fires With Kidde


[The following post was sponsored by Kidde, and all travel expenses were paid by Kidde.] Me, fighting a big fire very unsuccessfully – make sure you watch the video at the bottom of this post! I’m very happy to announce that I’ll be working with Kidde for the next year as a brand ambassador. I’ve…

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So…Was This One Finally Tragic Enough?

In 1984, when I was twelve, I spent the summer in Ireland visiting my grandmother. All anyone was talking about was the Olympics. Then one day, the banner headline in the Dublin paper screamed about a bunch of kids being killed at a McDonald’s in California. I was horrified. I was not at all political…

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