How Free Play Changes Kids’ Brains

Playworld Systems

[The following post is sponsored by Playworld Systems.] I really loved writing about the benefits of free play last month. Playworld Systems makes the kind of playground equipment that helps free play thrive, letting kids take risks and figuring things out for themselves. When they pointed me in the direction of this NPR piece on…

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A Tale Of Two Kids (and a great recipe)


My kids could not approach the first day of school more differently if they tried. Fiona has been counting down. Yesterday she grabbed her school supply list and all of the stuff I’d gotten on Amazon (no waiting on a 100-person line at Staples this year!) and got to work organizing and bagging it up….

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Middle School: taking a chance

It’s middle school selection time in NYC, and with our oldest being in 5th grade this is our first time going through the process. Without going into too many specifics, it’s looking like our choice will come down to two public schools, which couldn’t be more different: Giant & Established vs. Tiny & Brand Spanking…

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