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Katie Brown talks to me about throwing great parties, comfort food, portion control, and more

I got to interview Katie Brown last week about some new recipes for spring.  I’ve been trying to lose weight, and having some success, and I have to say I just haven’t been trying that hard.  I try to stick to about 1,500 calories a day and exercise two or three times a week, but I’ve been going easy on myself.  If I cheat, I enjoy it and try to get right back on the wagon.  As of last week I had lost almost ten pounds in eleven weeks, and I’m not tired of doing this at all.  Of course, I am going to have to step up the exercise in order to not die during a charity run on Mother’s Day, but the eating I seem to have under control…more-or-less…most of the time…and that seems to be working for me.

One of the big keys to my success has been eating what I like.  If I’m eating something light, or diet, or reduced fat, it’s because I really like the way it tastes.  I love 2% cheddar, part-skim mozzarella,  and reduced-fat cream cheese.  I don’t miss the calories and fat at all (except in string cheese; I don’t know why but those have to be full fat).  But fat-free cheese?   You won’t catch me eating it.  Anything that doesn’t melt should not be called cheese.  I also don’t enjoy munching on carrots and celery unless they’re being dipped in something.  I actually love all of the baked snacks – Doritos, Ruffles, Lay’s, etc. – and don’t consider eating them a sacrifice at all.

I start just about every day with either Morningstar bacon or sausage (both vegetarian, in case you think I’ve lost my non-meat-eating mind) – a great, low-calorie start before exercising when I really don’t want to eat an entire breakfast and then work out.  For me it’s been all about finding foods that I love, that happen to also be a bit lower in calories, so that I can have enough left at the end of the day for a big plate of pasta, or some Kit Kats.  It works for me.

Any good recipes I can find that aren’t calorie bombs are a treat.  Katie Brown has been working with Splenda on some healthier recipes.  I’ve been a fan of Katie’s for a long time, since seeing her on Oprah years ago talking about how to throw a great party.  In this interview with me she gives some great advice about eating fresh for spring, treating yourself without overdoing it, and yes, throwing a great party.

I’m also hypoglycemic, so whenever I can successfully use a sugar-substitute, that’s a win.  I’ve been using Splenda for years, sprinkling it on strawberries or cereal, but I’ve never baked with it – I have to admit I was a little scared.  I haven’t tried any of these Splenda recipes, but if I do I will report back.  And I’d love to hear if you try them!  There are tons more on their site, these are just a few that I’d like to try.

Classic Creamy Cheesecake

Peanut Butter Chocolate Cheesecake Cups

Island-Lover’s Coconut Cream Pie

No-Sugar Sugar Cookies

Strawberries and Cream Cake Roll

Sweet and Spicy Snack Mix

Hearty Corn Cakes

Banana Strawberry Shake

Kool-Aid Invisible Kool Pops

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