Puttin’ on The Ritz


I’m just going to say it right at the beginning: we’re not Ritz-Carlton people. I want to be a Ritz Carlton person, but I’m not and I don’t think I ever will be. I’m the kind of person who will say “Screw it!” and book a really expensive hotel room for no reason other than…

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High atop St. Thomas


The first time I visited St. Thomas I stayed with my sister. She happened to live near the bottom of Flag Hill. She made me walk up it. I hated her for that. On this last trip, I got to go up the hill on the Skyride, a tram that takes you up to the…

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The delightful characters of Coki Beach


You never know who or what you might run into on the beaches of St. Thomas. Ex-Brooklynites, chickens, and the nicest machete-wielding man I’ve ever come across. After spending the first half of the day at Coral World swimming with sea lions, we went right next door – literally steps away – to Coki Beach….

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Swimming with sea lions in St. Thomas


If you want to get kids excited, tell them that they’ll be swimming with some kind of sea creature on vacation. If you want to confuse them, tell them they’ll be swimming with sea lions. Fiona was asking us questions about swimming with dolphins for weeks before our St. Thomas vacation, and I kept gently…

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