Introducing Parenting Bytes, A Podcast For Parents!


Last week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, CBS debuted their new podcasting network, Play.It. Finally, I was able to reveal that I’m part of one of their new podcasts, Parenting Bytes! My friend Rebecca Levey is hosting Parenting Bytes and I’ll be one of several regular guests, along with Andrea Smith and…

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A Bluetooth Keyboard For Multiple Devices


Do you find yourself switching frequently from one device to another with a bluetooth keyboard, having to reconnect each time? Like, say, from an iPad to a phone and back? Or, do you share a Bluetooth keyboard with your family, with several people wanting to connect their devices? If so, this keyboard could streamline things for…

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A Great Little Projector For Travelers and Frequent Presenters


I have been that person, several times, struggling to get my laptop to work with someone else’s projector so that I could give a presentation. Thanks to the Pocket Projector Pro, sent to me to review by Brookstone, I may never be in that frustrating position again. The Pocket Projector Pro is a small (less…

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