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Jon Stewart at the beginning of The Daily Show in 1999

Jon Stewart Is Leaving The Daily Show But It Will All Be OK…Eventually

This is what I’ve been telling myself anyway. Today Comedy Central announced that Jon Stewart is leaving The Daily Show. In 1998 I got married and moved to the NYC area. I was working here and there as an extra on various TV shows and movies and auditioning for better things, but I had a […]

The Rally to Restore Sanity – the signs

So here I am, waiting for the rally to start on a train back to NYC back home after spending the day at the Rally to Restore Sanity in Washington, D.C.  Was sanity restored?  That’s a question I’ll tackle when I’ve had more sleep & showered off the rest of the Port-O-Potty.  For now, here […]

Alone on V-Day? Not quite

Dear Jon, I want to thank you for being with me this Valentine’s Day morning.  My husband is out of town with the kids, so if it weren’t for you I would’ve been alone.  And even though you didn’t make me breakfast in bed, you did keep me company while I made my egg-and-cheese sandwich, […]

And the Rippy goes to…

As I enter my sixth day of apathy towards a talented, troubled, but completely crazy and over-indulged singer’s death, Jon Stewart is helping me deal with my lack of grief. As with every sad event that’s happened in recent years, The Daily Show, knowing that it would be crass to make fun of the actual […]

Jason Jones made me choke on a pretzel

I haven’t posted anything from The Daily Show for a while.  It’s been consistently amusing, but nothing that jumped out as “Oh my God I have to share this with everyone I know or their lives will be incomplete.”  Until now.  I was simultaneously folding laundry, eating pretzels, and watching Jason Jones’ report from Iran, […]

Mike Huckabee: thoughtful, well-spoken, and wrong

When listening to the debate back and forth about gay marriage, it’s easy to take cheap shots at the homophobe with three teeth who’s afraid to catch “teh gay.” It’s easy to dismiss those types and assume that anyone who is fervently anti-gay marriage is dumb, or a religious nut, or crazy. Rarely do you […]


This is what’s been floating around in my head for the past week. I need to clear it out to make room for more. *** Stephen Colbert on November 5th: You see, for years we have crammed fear down your throat but this time you refused to swallow it.  We had big plans!  Last night […]


This is what’s been floating around in my head for the past week. I need to clear it out to make room for more. *** While I was out at The Daily Show last week celebrating my birthday, some beautiful flowers arrived from 1-800-FLOWERS, sent by my Mom, sister Cara and her husband Kel, and […]

Jon Stewart is my errand boy

[Big update to this post!] OK, thanks to my incredibly lazy birthday yesterday, I’ve been playing catch-up all day and this is the first chance I’ve had to sit down and finally write what happened last night at the Daily Show taping. I’ve been to dozens of talk show tapings.  On my own, I’ve been […]

Palin as President and The Daily Show

OK, if it seems like all I’m doing today is sitting around on the computer, well, that’s exactly what I’m doing.  It’s my birthday.  This is how I want to spend it.  I have a ton to do, but I choose not to do any of it.  Did I mention it’s my birthday?  Of course, […]