Naked Vs. Nekkid

Naked vs. Nekkid. One bothers me, and the other one doesn't. Here's why.

On Monday my husband and I were driving back from Atlantic City (he lost; I lost exactly ten times what he did) and I happened to read two articles about nudity one right after the other. The first article was about the nearly-nude women in Times Square. I try to avoid Times Square when I…

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Near NYC? Head to a 3D Mario Wonderland Saturday in Times Square

Tomorrow after Tae Kwon Do my son and I will be heading to Times Square for some real life Mario fun. We’re both huge fans of the Mario games (OK, I’m still stuck on Super Mario Bros., but I’m old), so we’re really excited that tomorrow (Saturday) Military Island (Broadway and Seventh between 43rd and…

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Randomosity – Halloween, Cows, Kinect, & Disney!

Halloween2010 costumes

Halloween Halloween in our neighborhood is HUGE.   Every candy stop is super crowded… Bands play… Scary movie scenes are recreated in open garages… People go all out with decorations… And it gets so crowded that the police shut down a couple of streets, including the one where these crazy people put on a huge…

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