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jetBlue airplanes in snow

How To Get A Flight When Yours Has Been Cancelled

I’m sitting in my empty house right now enjoying some peace and quiet, and the rest of my family is in Florida, when many many other people had their travel plans ruined or postponed because of snow. They would not be in Florida right now if I hadn’t been very proactive about the impending storm. […]


The Ultimate Vacations With Adventures By Disney

When I go on a trip, I’m a planner. I remember the first Disney vacation I ever took with my (future) husband. I was eighteen. I bought a few books about Walt Disney World and went to town. I had everything planned, from where we would eat each meal at what time to avoid the […]

How To Use FastPass+

I just had my first FastPass+ experience, and I’m mostly happy about it. FastPass+ is a system being rolled out at Walt Disney World that’s the next iteration of their awesome FastPass system, which was introduced about 15 years ago to reduce the length of time guests wait in lines. My pre-FastPass visits to Disney […]

Randomosity 11/27/13

Me. Twelve years old (1984). I was spending the summer in Ireland with my grandmother, and apparently an Esprit store had thrown up on me. Not visible in the picture: jelly shoes. *** On his way out the door this morning Jake reminded me that I don’t have to get up early for the next […]

My Disney Side

Last weekend I went to Disneyland for the first time. It was pretty amazing! I travelled there as a guest of Disney to help kick off their #DisneySide social media event. Your Disney Side is that extra-fun side of you. The side you like to look at in pictures later. The side your kids love […]

I Would Love To See You On My Trip, But I’ll Go Insane

So this happens every single time I go on a business trip to anywhere: I get Facebook messages and twitter comments and emails saying “You’re here?!? We have to get together!” Sometimes it’s from a genuine, on-and-offline friend. Sometimes it’s from someone I know only online who wants to get together for drinks. Either way, […]

How We Coped While Our Kids Were At Sleepaway Camp

My kids got home from sleepaway camp yesterday. One had been there for six weeks, the other for four. As Omer and I waited for the bus, we were giddy. We missed our kids. Even if we loved having the break, even if we weren’t quite ready to give up our freedom, we were excited […]

When You Just Can’t Catch A Breath

Ever have one of those weeks where you just can’t catch a breath? Mine wasn’t a whole week. It lasted from about 5pm Sunday to 5pm yesterday. It started while the kids and I were driving home from Buffalo in our nine-year-old Saturn. It had some major work done about 3.5 years ago, and then […]

What jetBlue Could Do Better Next Time

I originally titled this “jetBlue Is Letting Me Down This Time” but changed it. jetBlue is letting me down right now, but I’m trying to keep in mind what they’re going through right now instead of simply bitching about what they’re doing wrong. Quick background: my husband, kids and I flew to Providenciales, Turks & […]

How To Survive Hurricane Sandy: Be Somewhere Else

Not practical advice, I know. But that’s how I’m getting through Hurricane Sandy, because the kids and I are in Turks & Caicos right now. We didn’t mean to still be here. This was supposed to be a quick weekend trip, and we were scheduled to get back to NYC earlier today (Monday). But all […]