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How Not To Be Spoilerlicious On Social Media

Last night, after The Good Wife ended, Facebook exploded. Something big had obviously happened, so while catching up on Facebook I was careful not to read anything that looked remotely like it was about the show or had the word “spoiler” in it. So I was pretty gobsmacked to have a major plot point revealed […]

Ten Things I Learned About The Sound Of Music Without Watching It

As much as I wanted to watch the live presentation of The Sound Of Music last night, I was busy picking Jake up from a late rehearsal and going to bed early. But I feel like I didn’t really need to watch it, because it was all anybody was talking about on Facebook and Twitter. […]

Have you watched “Partners” yet?

[I am participating in a compensated campaign for One2One Network. All opinions stated are my own.] Have you watched Partners yet? You can get caught up in only forty minutes – the first two episodes are available here. You’ll be all ready for tonight’s third episode (CBS, 8:30pm), which I’ve already seen, and it’s really […]

An “Unforgettable” set visit with Marilu Henner & Poppy Montgomery

A few weeks ago, when it was somehow much colder than it is today, I got to visit an on-location shoot for the hit CBS drama Unforgettable. (Actually, that’s where I was headed when I got pulled over for running a red light.) Cathy & Sheri, from Have U Heard, watching Unforgettable being filmed The […]

Today’s Agenda: two-day hair edition

So I’m still rocking the gorgeous braid I got yesterday from the ladies of Bergdorf’s braid bar, at a blogger event held at More Magazine (I slept with a scarf wrapped around it). And I even did my eyebrows with the little kit that the people from Benefit gave me. I may be exhausted, but […]

If they can put a man on the moon…

…why can’t they invent a better way to hook up audio/visual equipment than lying on the floor, squeezing your arm around to the back of the receiver/DVD player/DVR because the cords are too short to pull them out of the shelf and make the connections? I mean really, when will every part of this be […]

Yay, my new TV shelf is here!

But boo, I have to put it together myself and it’s really heavy. Originally posted on, from Amy’s cell phone (so please excuse any weird formatting). All opinions expressed on this website come straight from Amy unless otherwise noted. This post has a Compensation Level of 0. Please visit Amy’s Full Disclosure page for […]

So what is Time Warner’s SignatureHome?

A Time Warner technician just left my home, after installing the new SignatureHome service. I have a feeling that when they came up with this service, they had someone exactly like me in mind. After I’ve been using it for a couple of days I can give you a better idea of the experience, but […]

Time Warner Signature is coming to my house!

I just had to take pictures of all of the series I have set up on my DVR, because it’s about to go bye-bye! I’m very excited. Installers from Time Warner Cable are here hooking my house up with the new Time Warner SignatureHome service. I had gone to an event a few months ago […]

Twitter had my back

So I’m one of those people who likes to live by statistics and odds. No matter how many Lifetime movies are made about people getting murdered after placing or answering an ad online, it’s just not likely to happen, even if you answered an ad a day for a year. Today I was looking for […]