Is HootSuite A Better Alternative To TweetDeck?


My HootSuite Dashboard I’ve been a loyal user of TweetDeck for years (first the desktop version, then the Chrome version), but I finally pulled the plug today. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, TweetDeck is a third-party app used mainly for twitter – you can use Twitter through TweetDeck instead of directly on…

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Randomosity: Frivolous Lawsuit Edition


Every frivolous lawsuit should be handled this way. Funny site The Oatmeal had their stuff stolen by another site, and then that other site had the audacity demand $20K for what The Oatmeal said about them. And then things got hilarious. I make decent stove-top popcorn (when I’m not munching on my favorite dieting crutch,…

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The Twitter clean-up continues with Proxlet


[UPDATE: I’ve had to uninstall Proxlet from my Tweetdeck account. It was preventing me from getting DMs on my computer. It’s still working very well on, so I guess when I want to catch up on Twitter without all of the Triberr noise I’ll have to do it there. Bummer.] So yesterday I wrote…

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